Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Our little things



His on mine

Is this pretty effervescent blue (Lobelia) a thing?

The above are just a few random things that I love to dwell on. I've been wanting to show you these little pictures for quite a while now, always something comes in the way... Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the fast rythm of our lives (wee toddler, growing every day, last week she said 'i want to drive a car'- and it was quite difficult to dissuade her!, also my artsy job, sometimes challenging, and sometimes I wonder 'what the heck', and then still getting used to living in Auckland far away from my trusted and old European nooks)... And so I find solace in these little signs of the things that really matter .

I have been reading lots lately. I just finished Paul Austers heartwarming novel 'The Brooklyn follies'. Oh sigh, a wonderful wonderful epic of how human it is to err and how divine to laugh! The book has Auster's typical charming 'flaneur'-flair capturing the reader from the first till last page (what a whallop in the end!) and it even has a reference to my all time favorite 'Candide ou l'optimisme' by Voltaire (if you can - read this one too!!!). In the book he muses in a certain paragraph on the beauty of sliding through the things of life in a taxi-car and how books can never convay the depth of that transcendence... Great huh how Auster puts his own work into perspective... A good lesson for me.

Speeking of things, high time to add a few new names to the 'inspiration' roll. These blogs tickle my interest for other things :

Hoping for happy accidents

Abby try again

Geraniums and potatoes

And if you felt like an exotic curiosum : my little brother has just started a sailing blog with lots of Flemish and great action pics of course (some contain my whole male family, brothers, dad, nephews!) : 'Shamrocksailing'

Ta'da every-one, soon some more crafty things



Kimberlee + Lies said...

beautiful post lies.
may I borrow that book?:)

I hope to check out the links soon, so so busy!


Victoria said...

I know. sometimes life just feels hectic. And reading a book in the middle of it all, even just a little bit each day, is a very good remedy/survival tactic I think.
p.s. Toddlers!!