Thursday, 3 January 2008


From us to you for this new year :

Lots of love

Oooh! In between copious Christmas / New Year dinners and to soothe the missing of family overseas (dag lieve familie, veel geluk dit jaar XXX) we've been holidaying heavily... Here in New Zealand the hot and supersunny weather has come through and so we've been going to the beach every day... We took Lieveke to stunning Whatipu to celebrate the new year, something of a tradition now (in 2006 Lievie was in vitro, but we spent a wonderfull time there with my big belly, in 2007 Lieveke stuck her little fists into the black sand for the first time in her life). She loooooooves it -and so do we :

What this place needs is a bit of water

Lets toddle for ever

And ah, I found a bit of free time to make some new things, you'll find them in our Esty-store :

Linen dresses for toddler girls

Sunhats in bubbles and bangles.

As we leap into yet another year of..., well, everything (!), just a little special thanks to
-uncle Cuddle for lavishly spending Euros in our little shop - very sweet!
-Bronwyn, for your kind and generous ongoing influx of fabrics into our stash
-Tess, co-mum and promotor of hats and skirts in Auckland - thanks for your everlasting interest dear Tess
-Melissa from Tiny Happy, who's off with her lovely family to Norway for this whole everything-year, your blog has been a very big inspiration so far for us little NZ girls - good luck!
-miss Kimmy - lets have another good year together girl

Hey, what is anything, if you can't say thanks X


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Happy New Year, girls!

Looking forward to catching up with you and your adventures this year....

I got my fruity pinnie pressie in the mail on returning home from Christmas - it's gorgeous! Thanks so much!

Take care, ladies,

Leah xxx

Sally Anne said...

Thank you to you too for a inspirational blog.I hope this year brings all good things to you and Kim.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Lies, very refreshing for the new year. Love the linen dresses and hats. The weather is fabulous lately isn't it! (Makes you feel all ready for making new things ha).
Happy New Year to you all,
Debra x

ashley rose helvey said...

happy new year to you!!! looks like you're already off to a good start! such beautiful baby clothes :)

Melissa said...

happy new year, l and k!

i adore those linen dresses- so elegant and sort of 1940's-style? just perfect.

thank you for your kind mention- you have both been a wonderful inspiration to me this year too. here's to a wonderful 2008! xx

Kimberley said...

just wanted to say a quick thanks for the bibs you sent me .. they are going in the pile of 'good' bibs for special occassions - not to be covered with strained carrots etc .. K xx