Thursday, 31 January 2008

ENJOY! THE! NATURAL! WORLD!!!! and other cards.

My latest batch of cards....
I've titled this set, which I haven't done before. But after looking at them, I just knew they had a name. Must be all this glorious weather we're having around here.


this one^ is my favourite of the lot:)

These are my new revolution cards.... each one is handmade and a one off.

REVOLUTION: take one

(and all together now)

REVOLUTION: take two

what beautiful hands!!! I have total hand envy.

(together again)

These cards are all coming to the markets with me THIS SATURDAY.
hosted by Te Tuhi Gallery in Pakaranga:

te tuhi

Summer Market
this saturday, FEB 1, from 10-2pm.
Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts
13 reeves Road
Will you be there?

if not, and there is a card you want, speak now or forever hold your peace. $3.50 each with envelope, just email me or leave a comment.

This one is for a friend, guess what she is up to next weekend....

Please go and enjoy the natural world. if you can. or maybe you have to work inside today? (like me, sigh)



amy said...

ooo your favourite is my favourite! lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of colourful colour!! A visual treat for the eyes, lovely work - you do SO well on the computer... keep it up :-)
Debra x

Kimberlee + Lies said...

thanks debra
but I don't do these on the computer, they are all hand collaged and assembled, I only use the computer to scan the images in:)

Victoria said...

Oh my, there is beuaty and a sense of humor in each one.

Vicki said...

Super love these cards...whimsical, retro hipster! Wish I could sell them on our