Friday, 23 May 2008

The shop (1)

Welcome to OUI Boutique (where I sell the baby/toddler clothes and some bags), it's such a cute shop, in a gorgeous 1920's Gallery -one of the few untouched old building-complexes in Auckland.

Gabriel and the door (both 6 foot 6)

Corner/window, some of Loulou's awesome clothes

My corner!

I like these lights and also the little window
(my favorite that little window)

Mural (by Loulou and her partner Rob)

No not Lieveke, this is Aiko, a little client, fitting the spotty tunic
(the tunic now lives at Aiko's house)

My leopard bag (sold)

Lieve and Narcissus in the fitting room

Swing by, anytime.
For an update on Kimberlee touring the States on the way to a wedding - read the comment on the previous post!
For now, I shall bid you a good weekend friends.


charlotte said...

ooh how exciting! i love st kevin's. and what a nice bag. i am very excited about being re-united with my fabrics soon :)

Blooming said...

fantastic! congratulations!

diana @ please sir said...

Looks adorable!

fine little day said...

That leopard bag, such eye candy!

Victoria said...

Your corner with your colorful creations is sooo cute!!

Mrs.French said...

I wish I could swing are just to darn far away! Oh and honestly one of the most perfect corners I have ever seen!

disa said...

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