Sunday, 4 May 2008

This morning, my alien...

In strange and
eerie light
its impenetrable

a floppy tentacle

And Spoke
of the Cosmos

'We want crackers'

it sculpted
'unearthly long-ears'

Apart from establishing intergalactic communications, I've been doing a bit of the usual. K and I had a Craftwerk-market day (well only short afternoon for me really) and it was all pretty successful. It was combined with a solid quality art-event and some catchy music-performances. My uber-favorites were the duo 'Too many cats' with their world-hits (just you wait and see now) 'Art bus' and 'Gallery girl'... Haha of course I know these guys, Ian and Robert, who used to work with Gabriel in Auckland's (public) city art gallery (a deep deep source of darkest inspiration, apparently). 't Was coohool and I had fuhun.
Here are a few things I made for the market, that found new homes :

simple tote in Notari Sweetpea

Yellow - goes with a groovy uncle to Australia
White - for little Fern who fitted on site and was just peachy sweet

And here are a few things that found their way into my home :

thrift (but o what a thrift) : most beautiful cutting-board ever

Cushion covers, hand-printed by Katie (Smitten design),
traditionally I 'invest' a bit of my market-profits in fellow crafters' market-stuff,
I was very pleased to find these appealing prints of Katie's.

These fun hotplates were also made by Katie

a little beauty : porcelain bangle cut from miscellaneous teacup
by Linsay (Rekindle)

Cheerio friends


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

That Lieveke kid is something special. Love the little alien story :)

Gorgy fabric as usual for the little dresses. And luuuurve your cushions. I have an addiction to buying cushions. Terribly addicted.

Charlotte said...

ooh look at all those nice things. love the little story!

and all your sales and purchases. i love the notari bag. yummyness !!!!

fine little day said...

Lovely eyecandy here, the dresses and the little cardboard house.

Victoria said...

Indeed the cutting board is beautiful. I love the photo with those mischeivious eyes looking out through the cardboard.

ashley rose helvey said...

i love lieveke's space tower! looks like so much fun! and your bags!