Saturday, 31 May 2008

The shop (2)

Welcome to the other shop : ye ol' Etsy Shoppe. I've been a bit neglectful of it lately, what with sewing up stock for the OUI boutique, but my sweets I've caught up with that and now I've been able to 'replenish' our Etsy store a wee bit. Already a few newly added pinafores have sold :

one for Finland and one for Australia
how great
all these
different corners
the world!

But there are still a few beautiful new little girl-dresses, including this new design:

Gorgeous pixel dress
the Nani Iro
double gauze
gives the dress
a shiny

But, let me also plug some other people's stores, inspiration wise. I really admire the following amazing designers, with such fresh and stylish creations (respectful credits for the photo's and images go to them of course) :

For girls, Le vestiaire de Jeanne, I've linked the blog but that has connections to the online shops of the brand. Really really beautifully cut innovative outfits for children AND super fun photography, just see :

For slighly older girls (for, I am a firm believer in the corniest 'forever young'), Sveta Dresher, discovered through our friend Ashley Rose's ever stunning blog. Sveta's designs are simply unique or uniquely simple, always elegant and remarkably wonderful. The photography again, is so appealing. So I want everything she makes!

For girls' arms, necks, fingers...Nervoussystem : flash yet subtle (yup juxtaposing big time here) jewelery in all kinds of unexpected materials. I adore this rubber arm-band...

There friends - if you've nothing on this weekend
you can shop he he.


Louise said...

Oooh those flower dresses are gorgeous! I love the fabric

Blooming said...

I was planning to use the same black nani iro fabric for a dress for MYSELF!!! do you think I'll look as gorgeous as your little L?

Melissa said...

oh lies! i can always rely on you to post some beautiful eye-candy. i love both your clothes for girls, and te ones you link to- inspiration for ever! keep up the wonderful work. :) xx

Mrs.French said...

I am in shock! Where have I been? and look what you did! Amazing! I so wish I had a little girl to buy that "tree-pinnie" for...I am starting a new blog and you are going to be a feature for sure!

Gypsy said...

Oh I love your dresses - the fabric is so beautiful and the styles are great. Munchkin loves her red retro tunic, and we get SO many comments on it

Sonnja said...

What a lovely child dresses!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
From the Netherlands

charlotte said...

oh yes I love Sveta - a New York friend of mine told me about her a few weeks ago too - i loved everything so much I read the entire blog!!!

And the little pixel dress - so cute. The fabric from Miss leslie in the first photo also Love !!!!

And the scarf - you have been so busy. All I've done is arranged our pantry :)