Friday, 16 May 2008

Tip Tops and best friends...

In Belgium 'tip top' means 'everything is super ok' or some such. So yeah, corny title! Anyway, I'm selling some of my little clothes through OUI boutique, a funky shop in Central Auckland now. It's going well! Look here are some tops that I made especially for this shop. I had just enough fabric left to make 4 tops, oh I so love the prints.

Gathered tops with Liberty leaves

One red, one blue

Blue one

Ha : gathered leaves with Liberty top

Dress-tunics in cream fabrics

Colorful drops and swirly dots


Drops ( Lieveke, Lieveke, full of beans...)

I'm a little sad really. Our lovely little neighour Shayda -who's dad is Irani and mum is Taiwanese- goes to the same daycare-centre as Lieveke. They've become best friends : so sweet, when we arrive, Shayda -overjoyed, runs over to cuddle Lieveke and then they hold hands together and toddle off to do some swinging or playing. Shayda is a wee bit older and soft and gentle, a good thing as lieveke is rather extroverted and enthousiastic (this means quite full-on, dear reader). When Shayda's not there to greet (sick or holiday), Lieveke is rather lost and finds it a bit hard to engage immediately in the play of other children. And now Shayda's mum Sandra just told me that they are going back to Taiwan, for 6 months! Sandra feels lonely here in NZ, she has no job and very few friends and misses her family terribly... I understand, I miss my family too, very very much, especially my parents ( x ). Yet I'm grateful for my new life here in NZ, I have a good job at the gallery and I've found such satisfaction in sewing the kid's clothes. I've made many new friends, some of them with small children, friends of Lieveke's. I'm lucky you see, I am.

I wonder how old Kimberlee's doing, on holiday back in the States? Did she get a bunk at her friends? Is the cozzy married yet? Were Kimberlee and her sis Carling looking stunning (as I imagine) in their retro-frocks? Has Kimberlee seen her parents (in another state) -she was so looking forward to catching up with them... She too was missing her family...

Heh, sniff, I told you, it was gonna be corny...

Well, do have a nice weekend you's!



Anonymous said...

Hi there,
hey well done with your new stockist, those clothes you make are really lovely. I can well imagine them selling quickly. Yeah understandable missing the families and friends back home... we all do :-( Glad to hear you're settling well though and I hope Kimberlee is enjoying herself too. It's been a while since I have visited your blog, keep it up x

kimberlee said...

lieveke will miss her little friend! and very cute tops lies!

I am still in colorado with my parents/sister and don't head out to my cousin's wedding in minnesota until next week. can't wait for the 15 hour drive in the family mini van. (AHHHHH!)

Most of the clothes I packed lay at the bottom of my suitcase totally useless because it is unseasonably cold here. there was snow on the ground yesterday!

I saw a HUGE white cadilac with two american flags magestically flying while it was parked outside the goodwill yesterday. I was so excited because it was such an iconic american image that I was already blogging about it in my head. BUT no camera! sigh.

hopefully I will have my camera with me next time I see an image that speaks to me. more later from the red white and blue land.


Louise said...

What gorgeous tops! I especially like the flowing dots one. What is that fabric?
Sorry to hear that Lieveke's friend is moving away.

kimberlee & Lies said...

The swirling dots fabric is a Japanese 'Olympus' one. I think you can still order it from Purlsoho online(check them out - you'll looooove it!). Thanks Louise X

kimberlee & Lies said...
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kates said...

they are gorgeous tunics!

charlotte said...

ooh i love the little rainbow jumper i spy just down the page - and those tops are so cute! i love the raindrops one - and of course the liberty!!! woo!!!!! you will have your new sewing chest now - so cool! i'm so cold.... brrrrrr

Melissa said...

ohh, those tops are divine! well done on your new stockist- that's very exciting!
i love the picture of little L playing in the leavs with her top on- just perfect. happy nz-autumn to you!

and, i'm sorry to hear about your friends moving back to taiwan. i understand why they'd want to go home, for sure! i hope L finds another soul-mate at her daycare centre- it will happen in time. xxx

Blooming said...

Those tops are fantastic. I love seeing what fabric looks like made up!

fine little day said...

Good work with the clothes! Love the pattern with "drops on threads".