Thursday, 1 May 2008

in the studio, a small tour/

zine by don't hang your head

Yesterday I couldn't stop cleaning. It started off with me thinking "I'll just do the floors" but it soon turned into a full assault mission on all things unclean and untidy. Like a woman on fire I tore into our 55 square meter apartment which also doubles as a home office, craft studio, illustration station, and, more recently, a bike repair shop. Needless to say we do a lot in little space and it can be overwhelming, hence the OCD cleaning bout. But after everything was clean down to the inside of my handbag, I sat back and admired my work.

"ahhh" sighed my inner type A personality, "that's so much better."

I don't know if you are anything like me but I have these two opposing angels on my shoulders, Type A and Type B, and they are always fighting for control. 'Get organised, be tidy, be practical' says one. 'Be spontaneous, be creative, the house will clean it's self.' cries the other. Type B may be more interesting, but Type A holds it together.

Anyway, here is the studio post whirlwind clean.
on my walls..... I give credit to my crafty friends. On the left is a collage by Kirsten at cheek pinchy, above that are some retro buttons in their original package from Melissa, and the beautiful Swedish linen is from the UK bound Charlotte. Many illustration on the walls are by henry darger who is not my crafting friend, but is still beloved by me.

the up close and personal view

soft sculpture-mobile thing I made, but I like the stucco walls more.

a tree for tape, scissors and pink sunglasses.

I've been making things too:
I have a few friends busily producing offspring so this is my first crack at baby bibs. It was much fun and a great way to show off fabric if you ask me. I still have to sew on the velcro or hammer in some snaps. oh those pesky details.

an autumn top shining in the soft sunlight.
It was finally the right time of year to dive into this fabric from helen (stripy socks). I've had it for ages but inspiration only strikes when it strikes. I used a pattern from a retro girls nightgown which I had to adjust a lot, obviously.
I'm giving me a self high five since this was the first time I have set sleeves.
(for those of you wondering, self high five just looks like you started clapping, then gave up abruptly.)

are my posts getting too long? I worry this is true.

signing off,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberlee, love the bibs, the fabric is fab!

rhiannon said...

Wow! I love the wee sculpture mobile you made and you're such a clever chicken altering a vintage pattern and coming out with something that actually look amazing, I have tried but i always end up with a bit pile of dumb!
All in all a beautiful post (which is definitely not too long) with lovely craftiness and the always-awesome peeking into other peoples crafty homes. Thanks xx

Melissa said...

no your posts are not too long! they are perfect. i love your brown autumnal top- just beautiful! i have a skirt i made from fabric quite similar, actually. perfect for stomping through fallen leaves!
enjoy your lovely clean studio.. :)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a studio work space, I will just have to dream about my one! Jannelle / Heart Felt /

Victoria said...

Nah not too long, you're funny and entertaining with your self high-fives. And your pictures are always cheerful and inspiring. That clean house feeling is a good feeling..

Mrs.French said...

I am unfortunately type B all the way... perfect collage and the bibs are so sweet.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

You rock K.

I love the top and your post was laugh-inducing, as always.

I need a tad of your type A personality to rub off on me. House is meeeessy.