Tuesday, 24 June 2008

a loss and gain

First I wanted to say a big fat thank you to everyone who went to my new illustration site. It helped heaps and I was very encouraged to see it rising up the google ranks.

In other news, a friend of mine is leaving for melbourne this week and his goodbye party is tonight. Since he can't take much with him, he donated this huge box of crafting supplies to me. Yes, a male crafter, you heard right, a rare breed indeed.

inside was stacks of quality paper, great images for collage, a stamping kit including an embossing melter gun thingie, and a glue gun. So I am armed and dangerous, packing crafty heat.

Also inside was this....
A genuine Japanese kimono !!!! thankyouthankyouthankyou! I am not worthy!
(if you think I am summoning the power of chlorophyll in this photo, you would be correct. Its just something I like to do in my spare time)

So as a thank you and goodbye, I made him this. Its between a4 and a5 and includes images from a transformers book, a childrens cooking book, and an origami manual. I've also done some pencil drawing and watercolour over the top.

I have been interested in manual colouring of black and white photos ever since I saw it done in the film 'sweet land' (which is wonderful by the way). so I watercoloured over the balck and white photo of the japanese girl as my first go at this technique. I want to do more now.

i thought I would leave you with two things: This video of my dog struggling with the lid of the previously mentioned craftbox. I don't know why I am posting this other than, posting videos mixes it up and bit and you might like to hear me sound like yoshi's crazy stage mom.

Secondly I also encouragement you to visit Werkhaus if you are interested in seeing an amnesty international commercial starring luke (the husband), and a work in progress pencil drawing of my niece.

cheers all, hope you are having a good week.


alisonmc said...

Power of - CHLOROPHYLL!! They should make a new Powerpuff Girl for that.

Rockin kimono by the way. Damn you're lucky!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Wow wee- Luke's ad is so powerful! And after all that screaming I think they definately got the perfect shot.

lilysmakebelieve said...

I especially like the guy that brushes right by him :)

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Summoning the power of chlorophyll? heh.

I agree - you could totally be a Powerpuff girl in that outfit, and with those powers.....

Leah xxx

Victoria said...

Your illustration site is so good. That was a very nice present from a super talented husband.