Sunday, 8 June 2008


Last week a lovely package was delivered from one of my (and i'm sure, yours as well) favorite Etsy shops, 'A little goodness', with some fabrics and the (fantastic!) famous Nani Iro sewing book. The Goodness lady kindly added a complementary fat quarter of sweet 'bear in the street' fabric, which Lieveke immediately appropriated as 'my sewing blanky'. So every-one was satisfied (including Gabriel cause his girls were crafting and happy).

Mmmmmm, for skirts I think

Nani Iro, yes truly wonderful

Goodness bears and thankyou card

We had a few thrifty goodies as well this week :

dramatic batik 70's shirt from the oppy

sleek cut
very finely woven cotton
spectacular print (fireworks!)
five bucks

in a box marked "Gabriel '96" I found
black glazed earthenware japanese mugs
that match our
Mikasa black teacups and saucers (Aotea flea market)
black Japanese bowls (3dollarshop)
and black-blue plates (Avondale markets)
yay don't you love it when it all comes together.

I knitted a lacey scarf for a friend with kidsilk and 9mm wooden needles, it was delightful knitting (and very fast)! The scarf is very soft, I think I'll make some more, nice to give away something so cuddley...

despite the holes,
the thing is very fluffy
and so

I'll leave you with my favorite images of the Iro-sewing-book, so beautiful :

pretty girl

* sigh *

Hope you have a nice week!


Helen said...

Wonderful post, with so much goodness to look at! Thank you.

Can I ask which stitch pattern you used for the lacey scarf? Its beautiful.

xx Helen

kimberlee & Lies said...

Thanks Helen! The pattern is a reasonably easy feather :

Row 1 : K4, (K1, yo, K2, ssk, K2tog, K2, yo)x 2, K4
Row 2 : Purl
Row 3 : K4 (yo, K2, ssk, K2tog, K2, yo, K1) x 2, K4
Row 4 : Purl

With a fluffy or hairy yarn, I'd say needles 8,9 or even 10 mm
With a slimmer mohair (kidsilk haze for instance) 6 to 7 mm needles,repeat the pattern in the rows 1 and 3 once more...

(for a good explanation on abbreviations, check

Have fun with it!
X Lies

Melissa said...

i agree with helen- this is a fantastic post. i love the lacey scarf you made. it looks cosy and warm! and yes- 'a little goodness' is ne of my favourite etsy shops, too- i just got a package of supplies delivered this afternoon. ahh, happiness...

Mrs.French said...

Goodness indeed! Thank you so much for sharing!

Swonderful said...

Oh! We love Leslie from a little Goodness, we get all our gocco supplies from her & she always includes a little gift & some Japanese lollies!

ashley rose helvey said...

yes, sigh. that iro book looks amazing!

Helen said...

Thanks Lies for writing the knitting pattern. You are a honey!

big kisses



Victoria said...

so much eye candy in one post. Love the fireworks shirt - very rad. That last picture from the Iro book is amazing. Makes we wonder while we all don't paint or draw on our clothes more often. I guess the old idea that in "the Future" everyone would be wearing the same silvery space type uniforms, with no individual expression in fashion, was the very opposite of the present day!

Sally Anne said...

That scarf is beautiful Lies, and such a pretty colour.It is feeling good to be back at the PC once more.

fine little day said...

That 70's shirt sure is dramatic :)
Love the pretty girls shoes.

Anonymous said...

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