Saturday, 28 June 2008


A wise man once said : you cannot fulfill other people's promises. So sorry friends. I can't post on something crafty just yet, and I'm sure I couldn't make it more interesting... Due to taking care of an ultra great but very energetic toddler, a new massive show opening at work with assorted unsolvable problems, and the sudden and sad loss of my friend Loulou's father, I've been working 7 days straight for two weeks now. That's ok, Loulou needs a break, and I'm happy to help. And I enjoy working. And my toddler, she is so WOW! But no. No crafting, however much I'd like to. I've had a few wonderful fabrics arrive on my doorstep, but they've been untouched cause, sigh, no time.
I hope next week will be a bit less full on, and ho ho : I promise to do an Etsy update next Thursday. We've been very neglectful of the Etsy shop of late, and I feel bad about it. I've tried to stick a few clothing items in there, but not nearly enough... So Thursday it is.

To make things worse, my camera is ill, and turns itself off all the time... Something with the batteries, dunno. Hopefully this also will be sorted in the course of the coming week, fingers crossed.

Ok we must find something interesting then.
Well. How'bout some of my Etsy favorites?
Enjoy (all photo and other credits go to the below mentioned of course!) X

very original crockery
gorgeous colourful collages


Handprinted sweetness


This one makes me smile so much,
a bit of humor in fresh craft
'boxed universes'
'super good luck charms'
Yeah I guess sometimes you need the extra 'super'
get it at

'The courtyard garden'
no words needed i think

Support these talented people friends!
And have a warm weekend (it's rather freezing here...)


kimberlee said...

ha, it seems we are both too busy at the moment.

let me know if I can help at the shop, I would be glad to sit there for an afternoon as long as someone shows me how to work the eftpos.

i may actually get some crafting done then.
poor lou lou, I really hope she gets time to grieve.


Melissa said...

oh, you're a good friend and mother, lies!
i hope life calms down a bit for you soon. sporadic blogging and etsy-shop-updating also more than forgiven for you, too! :)
i'd love to meet lieveke! x

p.s. those links look great- i'm off to check them out now (red wine in hand... :)

Victoria said...

I find the courtyard garden picture very inspiring. Hope you're getting things sorted this week!

Mrs.French said...

Oh I hope things settle down soon...looking forward to your shop additions. These favorites of yours will hold me over for a bit. Thanks!

ashley rose helvey said...

lies! yes, i know the feeling! you're a real trouper... hang in there. very inspiring links. thanks :)

R.W.S. said...

I always enjoy Anemone posts, even the ones that say 'we're too busy for a proper post'.
I've had a similar run lately. Hope your schedule eases up soon!

Leililaloo said...

Hi, i was just surfing a bit around around, (came in by Toast and cupcakes) when i got to your blog.I kept on looking trough your wonderful pages. Then suddenly i saw my own work. You blogged on my hand painted ribbon and my little wee houses. I want to thank you very much, I feel honoured to be in your blog. Dana

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hi lies, i too stumbled across this lovely blog and found my courtyard garden! how exciting :) will read on . . . i know that feeling of not being able to get into your work! it's a lifesaver to have something happening on the side with kids, even if it's sporadic.
thanku victoria!

Anonymous said...

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