Monday, 16 June 2008

Making things

The new fabric and sewing book from the previous post were very very inspiring, I had a little secret stash of Nani Iro fabric waiting, and so I have been making looooooooots of things.

little red dress
cream top
from the Iro book

The photo is blurry
but I'm showing (off) the selvedge
of the Iro Pocho dots
in a detail of the pocket

And some of those dots
a splendid silver

Lieve sweet and cosy
she insisted on wearing tights
cool those purple tippy toes

Yup i made skirts with that Goodness fabric, I call them 'half moon skirts'.

There is still a red one in our little shop

Cute I reckon.

Gosh it's time for a tribute to the good and inspirational as I've discovered a few more interesting sites, there are such talented people out there :

-La : such fresh and simple style, French bien sur

-Particules : perhaps my favorite of the day - stunning in beauty and idea's

-Grijs : a word from my language that means gray, but i think this one highlights all the special wonderful shades in between... and around... and lots of green!

Finally, here is a little collage of Lieveke - doing her new thing : pulling faces - in my favorite green knit. I made it about a year and a half ago, without a pattern, and heh heh it still stands! I've been searching for the same yarn (Touch I think) since but can't find it anymore, bummer cause the green is so vibrant and happy...
Keep well!


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Omigoodness. That knitted top! I'm in love. Actual love. The green, the cross-over, the kid! I'm gonna knit one. (I hope you don't mind me stealing!)

And the other sewing is fabulouso. The fabric is yuuuummy. You are a clever lady Lies!

Bird Bath said...

You've made some great stuff - love those asymetrical pocket details.
Thanks for those inspiring links. My favourite 'colour' is grey but that knitted green top really pops! a cute collage.

kimberlee said...

what cute clothes liveke has to wear. I can see you are getting so much sewing done and I am now inspired. expect a post from me very soon!