Tuesday, 17 June 2008

oh I am back, and have been for.... errrr... weeks.

iconic american image #1

So I have come to this page several times in attempt to get back into blogging. My grace period for not blogging is officially over since I have been back now for (gasp) two weeks and have not said a peep thus far.

the problem is, so much happened that blogging about it seems quite impossible. What should I leave out? (that's the real question for a talker like me) well the answer finally came to me: nobody is really that interested in other people's holidays as much as the people who went on them think.

And as a side note; the same principle applies to dreams you have had. No matter how funny/interesting they are to you, if you want to tell others, make it brief.

So with this in mind, I present you with a brief slide show of my trip with limited commentary.

These flags fly from my parents deck: America, NZ, and Kenya (my dad does a lot of work there)

when I am home, I do a lot of bargain hunting, because let me tell you sister, America is full of bargains. Like these 2nd hand mugs from goodwill that I cheered my heart for a mere dollar.

and all of these black shoes.

and my new glasses

my sister came home from college and this was her room after she brought all her stuff back from school. ahh the college pilgrimage, I remember those days.

Things to do in Colorado: feed giraffes. They really do have black blue tongues and lots of slobber.

Lets move from a colorado landscape to minnesota.... see if you can notice the difference.....
bam! that's right! we are in Gods country now. beautiful lush Minnesota. Glorious grain silos. I heard a story once of some one falling in one of these and being sucked down through the grain until they suffocated to death. I am sure this is just a rural legend but it took me a long time until I could have happy thoughts about grain silos again.

I'm almost getting patriotic just looking at these (until I think of the bush years, then any national pride seems to flood out of me quite quickly).

okay onto wedding stuff...... In the U.S.A it's common to get your nails done before a wedding. don't ask me why, it's just how we roll. Brittney here is our hand model.

I am not used to nail salons so these blue lights scared me as much as they confused me. What does toxic looking neon light do for the manicure process? just asking.

If you are the bride, sometimes you get acrylic nails for your special day and this is what they look like before they file them. that's primal! oh yes, and meet bridezilla here.
Just kidding, joanna, my sweet cousin was no bridezilla. See how happy she was about the little party we threw her.
and she loved her giant underpants which were grossly disproportioned to her thin frame. (that was the joke, get it?) Cousin Megan's body fills out the other thigh.

Cousin brittney made the jewelry for the brides maids. clever girl.

fabulous cousins

These are our moms. Gayle didn't like Claire's joke, so she is giving us her long suffering look. My mom is the one in the white jacket. pretty lady, yes I know.

these are my youngest female cousins Sophie and Olivia. I had to subject you to their general adorableness. they have sparkle, no?

meet my elder brother (hi Joel!) who is looking dapper in that vintage tie... little did he know he would match his vintage sisters....
Yes here we are. this is the LOVELY dress Melissa gave me a while back. I told just about everyone who made eye contact with me that the it was "from Norway and is genuine 1950s vintage!" reponses were mixed.

Carling's dress was my etsy find of the year, also 1950s vintage. Can you believe that in both cases no altering was necessary! yes you heard it here first, it was dress destiny.... or dresstiny.

oh dear. the bad jokes are coming out now which means I am getting loopy from all this posting. time to finish. I lied to you when I said this was going to be brief. I truly believed it for the first little while. honest.

if you have read all this it can only mean you missed me lots.

more craft related posts coming soon.



rhiannon said...

A few things:
1. Welcome home! I have indeed missed you!
2. I LOVE that dress M sent you and you really do look perfect in it.
3. Those nails are TERRIFYING.
4. Black shoey goodness!
5. Your new glasses make you look like you have fake gold eyelashes on (or do you?) Which makes me want to start wearing crazy eyelashes when I'm just out and about.
6. ummm. did I already say 'welcome back'? Cause really... welcome back!

Victoria said...

I read it all. Glad your trip was a success and glad you're back!

Karla with a Fuckin K said...

read every word! looks like you had a great time!! hope you lovely ladies are good! Could you send me a contact number for you? I have a wee proposition....has that caught your interest? hmmm? anyway snotdribble@gmail.com!!!! Catch up soon! yay and welcome home!

Kirsten said...

Great to have you back in Aotearoa! Enjoyed reading the entire post!!
Sounds like you had a fantastic family time! Loved the pic of your Mum and her sisters! They look so cute together!
I am so jealous of all your great purchases - has been ages since I have found anything exciting at the op shops (apart from some great books for chopping!)
Anyhoo must go and deposit husband at the bus stop!
Take care
Kirsten xx

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Welcome baaaaaack K! Loved the pics and the update. The dress is sooo beautiful on ya - as are your red red lips.


Lynn said...

Loved reading it-fun to hear your always pithy perspective on your trip home. How I miss you now. Aunt Gayle will love the photo you chose :-) Such a great time we had.
Love, Mom

Melissa said...

welcome back k!
oh man, you looked fabulous in that dress. both of you looked wonderful. go the vintage dresses!


lilysmakebelieve said...

what a great read! sounds like you had such a lovely time and as everyone else has noted the vintage dresses are brilliant. Definately drestiny. :) hehe Welcome home!

Helen said...

Dresstiny!!! Yes, yes, yes!
Those nails are truely scary!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

SUCH a good looking family!

Seriously - you guys must have super-powered genes or something....

Unfortunately the grain silo story is true - if you fall in, you will sink. I grew up in the country and those stories used to terrify me too.....

Leah xxx

Anonymous said...