Monday, 2 February 2009

Purple and yellow, as it happens

Funny how sometimes the colors of things in the house are all coordinated... I got the sweet green crochet teddy from Joanna at Organic Island Baby - where I have some new skirts for sale. The teddy 'beertje' is for our second girl (30 weeks now!), but Lieveke is 'minding' it for her. I did sew the 'comic clouds' cushion cover Beertje is leaning on. The glads are from Gabe, ta love. And yes, some belated knitting pics (knitted during our holiday) : a cardy, a stripey hat and more mocs - all in size XXXS.

Here are some gorgeous knitting inspiration blogs :

-Black Dog Knits (with excellent links to other fab knitting spaces)

-Water and Wool (plus yum food!)

-Assemblage (beautiful sigh...)

ps. been having heeeeps of trouble with our broadband - 'outages' the experts call it, 'xcept that those lovely experts still haven't fixed it... I can post on the blog and surf (at times - with a lot of patience) but am currently receiving no Emails at home... If you've written, so sorry, it should work soon (arghhh...)



sweetp said...

Oh gorgeous, I love purple & yellow together

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Beautiful colour story Lies - yes I'm experiencing lots of annoying broadband outages too - still, it cuts down on time spent procrastinating by looking at peoples lovely craft blogs. xxb

april said...

Cute Cute Cute

april said...

So glad I found your blog! It's darling.

Melissa said...

lovely post, lies- hope your internet works again soon!
gorgeous knits you've done for your new babe. i love purple and yellow- it makes me thing of summer flowers and lollies. :)

Anonymous said...

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