Monday, 16 February 2009

happy valentines

These are some Vvalentines day cards I made for the markets.

I hope you all had a special day of love. I have noticed that in NZ, valentines is really seen as only for those involved in romantic love. I wished someone a happy valentine's day at the markets and she looked puzzled. Her reply was, "oh I have no boyfriend," as if that meant the holiday weren't for her. too bad.

Growing up valentine's day was for everyone and was meant to celebrate many different kinds of love. Friends exchanged cards, teachers with their students, parents with their children, and yes of course those in romantic love celebrated as well. I can't help but enjoy this holiday. No I am not a cynic, and its only a 'greeting card' holiday if you make it one.

Anyway, I spent most of this day at the Cross Street Carnival markets with Lies and other stall holder friends. We braved out the rain and cold, huddled under our leaky marque, and ate cookies someone brought. Surprisingly, people turned up, and we had on okay day selling our goods.

Though I admit I would have rather been home, warm and dry, with my guy.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend too. I have been thinking of those suffering from the bush fires in Australia, and my thoughts go out to them. Hyena in Peticoats, has blogged a bit more about this with some actions you can take so if you want to learn more go HERE.

I missed writing on the blog last week, some exciting but busy stuff came up but more on that later.

until later,


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

I totally agree - Valentine's Day should be about celebrating all kinds of love - I wished my kitten a happy Valentine's Day - she bit my hand but never mind...
Great cards!

Victoria said...

In Australia it seems to have only been about romantic love but I reckon it'd be really nice if it was about everyone and everyone they care about. That would be a great greeting card holiday. I always enjoy admiring your collages.

Melissa said...

wonderful colourful collages, k. i agree about valentine's day- last year, arlo's school teacher (who is from the u.s.a.) gave all her students little cards and gifts on valentine's day. i thought that was so nice. and now i'm going to make an effort to celebrate it every year!

Anonymous said...