Thursday, 19 February 2009


Delivery of Japanese treasure. Love love.

The ones in the first photo are fabrics by Olympus' line Soleil , which specialises in reprinting ancient kimono motifs. Precious. I got those mainly for my girls (yes, we'll have two of them soon). I have to invent some passion fruity kimono-type garments worthy of the textile now.

The second photo is of
Kokka's antique Ume (plum-blossom) natural linen. Lovely.

The last photo is a nice stretch of double gauze by Naomi Ito for Nani Iro (another Kokka product), it looks like a canvas with gold brush strokes and for once, I'll make something for myself from that. The double gauze is so soft, I've worked with this material before, heaven!

Speaking of, Nani have only just released the new 2009 line, it's sweetest poetry... Be sure to browse on to the wonderful new 2009 sewing projects on the site and to designer Naomi Ito's space.

Yes many a thing Japanese inspires me deeply, I think it's perhaps the sublime abstraction from nature that has been innately refined in these man made things (oh ye paradox) , I love to look here :

Salvia - wonderful craft inventors
Issey Miyake - on Etsy even!
Raak - stunning.

Have a soft weekend then...


Pinkflowerbuttons said...

Treasures indeed

Victoria said...

2 girls are gonna look so sweet dressed up in your creations together - imagine the photoshoots!!

Melissa said...

what beautiful fabric treasures. i especially love the (hand-printed maybe?) blossoms. can't wait to see what you make. x

charlotte said...

i know where you've been shopping lady !!! just looking there the other week :) and today i have been thinking about your little parcel. it's now officially brewing :)

abby try again said...

totally beautiful treasures. thanks for sharing!