Sunday, 8 February 2009

Little notes on lace...

Lieveke thought it was time I knit something for her instead of the baby.
Lieveke needs a very practical warm garment but hey we're breezy unpractical types.
I was bored with straight garter/stockinette/seed, you name it.
This wonderful pattern is acceptably not too easy, not too difficult.
And so I'm adapting it into a tunic for Lieveke.
Kidsilk, in a perfect taupe-heather-lavender hue.
-and I'm very happy so far!

Lace knitting...
Requires concentration (counting, focus, endurance).
But you get a break on the wrong side everytime : all purl there.
And it's really not so slow.
After a while the pattern speaks to you/for you.
-and the concentrated knitting becomes a natural (high) joy.

And oh! this blog.

Have a really nice week, the moon is new tonight.


sweetp said...

Oh this is lovely, I can't wait to see how it turns out as a tunic, that is a great pattern xx

Melissa said...

beautiful, beautiful lace. i also really love how you've photographed it. x

Heart Felt said...

That is so pretty, love the colour..It must take a lot of concentration and patience. xx

Sally Anne said...

Simply stunning Lies. You are very clever to design a wee dress from the scarf pattern.
I have sent you a couple of emails to ask you for your snail mail address, but they couldn't have gone through, must have been when you were having trouble with the xtra.I have spun and knitted a little vest for your new babe...rather rustic though, not as nice as your beautiful lace !

amy said...

oh its beautiful!

Tui said...

I think Waves of Grain is gorgeous too (it's in my queue, but... it's lace, I probably won't get to it until next summer on account of how it's already freezing in Welly) and your adaptation is beautiful!

Victoria said...

That is way too lovely and delicate and would look nice hung up there permanently as a wall hanging exactly as it is!! Although will look beautiful as a garment too.