Friday, 10 April 2009

Not yet

The baby wants a wee bit more inside, that's fine! We are having a relaxed long weekend (in NZ Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, yay). The autumn light and colors paint everything in a golden haze, fabulous. Yesterday I finished a 'funky' cardi for Lievie, made it in just two days - after my own design (just fidgeting around really). I think things don't always need to be straight! Made it from one of my favorite NZ yarns : 12 ply Touch mohair - in one of my favorite colors : chartreuse (you know that yellowish greenish kiwi inside with mustardy effervescence sort of...). It was fast on the 6mm needles, supersoft - I only had one 100 gram skein, but it worked out wonderfully well and it is exactly the same color as a linen dress I made some time ago for Lieve. And she loves wearing it - she wore it to Cornwell park this afternoon - we -just the three of us- had a stroll and a cuddle.

Happy Easter all (enjoy the chocolate eggs!!!), perhaps we'll have our little chick after the long weekend.



Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh lies this is my favourite post ever. so so so sweet. so much love in those photos. and that cardigan is beautiful, if you ever think about making them for big people i volunteer to be your first guinea pig.
thinking about you all, sending you lots and lots of love. can't wait to welcome the new addition. and see you guys soon!
ps. lieve's hat almost ready, i can't get over how tiny cute it is

Kirsten said...

Oh Lies - you have such a beautiful family! What a gorgeous post! Thinking of you and can't wait to hear news of your new beautiful addition. Lots of love and God bless xx

charlotte said...

she must be due - two blog posts in a row hah hah !!!!!

skymring said...

oh my, that is a super cute sweater - and the colour is incredible!

charlotte said...

such great photos. i've just come back for another look :)

xxx good luck !!!! hope the little flower comes out well.... xxx

Sally Anne said...

I LOVED this post..the photos and the gorgeous cardigan. I am thinking of you lots and lots and wish you all the best for a wonderful delivery. I had a Easter baby born 23 years ago..we are off to see him getting married next week !

fiona said...

love the cardi. i admire your knitting skills. :)
have a successful and beautiful delivery!

hanna said...

What a sweet wee jersey,you clever thing. and look at that beautiful belly :o)

Melissa said...

i adore that cardie. i smiled when i saw that photo of lievie because i thought, 'she looks like a real kiwi girl!'. and such beautiful pictures of you and your family.
wishing you all the best for the next couple of weeks. xxx

Mee a Bee said...

You look amazing! and so is the cardy.

I recognised Cornwall park before I read it, favourite place! Ohhhh I am so sad I have decided not to come home to NZ in August, have I made the wrong decision???

Thinking of you and wishing you a safe arrival when the time comes.

ruby in the dust said...

good luck Lies, thinking of you :)

victoria said...

Lievie look so adorable in that soft natural green. I hope you're getting a bit of rest in your last days before the bub arrives, or if that bub has arrived now, that everything's going well!

Iris said...

Oh wow, I've only recently come across your beautiful blog and I'd say I found it at just the right time. A new baby, so exciting! I've been spying on older posts while feeding my own little one :-)

I wish you both a wonderful, safe birth (and that cardi is so lovely)!

JasperBoy said...

Hi Lies,

I'm just home from my Easter break and am straight on-line to see if the wee babe has arrived???

Having had no internet access whilst away, I was thinking of you often (and also realising how addicted to your blog I am!!).

Talk soon.

Jen in Melbourne

PS - Love the new Etsy banner!

Anonymous said...

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