Wednesday, 29 April 2009

big changes around here

first of all,
I am so excited about Noor and her birth, but that doesn't mean I forgot about you! I hope it was a good one for you, I can't think of a better gift than a perfect little baby daughter.

I know Lies will be busy for the next little while, so I just want to thank everyone for their congratulations. This blog community is a really supportive place, and all the lovely comments about Noor show that ten times over. Thanks everyone!


A recent set of collage cards I made for work. (they send out a ton of cards all the time, so they bought some off me). I handed in my letter of resignation today which I have very mixed feelings about. There is no way I would be leaving my job if it weren't for the my personal circumstances. It has been hands down a fabulous experience, such a fun, creative, and supportive environment. Great people, and its not often you find a place in which you feel really understood and appreciated for who you are and what you contribute. So sad to leave, I mean it!



k passport.MULTI
Here's a clue. Passport shots!
On May 11th, I offically become a New Zealand citizen and then Luke and I are outta here for a little while. We are moving to Berlin on a one year working holiday visa. At the moment I am equal parts excited and intimadated by this venture. and I have a to do list roughly the length of my forearm. no kidding.

On the list, practising my oath:
I kimberlee munn swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors according to the law, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of New Zealand and fulfill my duties as a New Zealand Citizen. So help me God.

Yes truly, I have to say that. Also 'His Worship" the mayor will be there as well. HIS WORSHIP? are they flipping joking? outdated language, eh.

Hopefully this all explains my absence from the blog world lately. I am still reading and loving it all, but am being a bit of a lurker and not commenting. Sorry folks, that is just the way I have to roll for a little while.

Anyway, hope you are well.
Mother's Day coming up, don't forget to love on your moms! xoxxo to mine!



JasperBoy said...

Happy Birthday Lies!

Good Luck for your trip Kimberlee, how could it turn out to be anything but wonderful. Enjoy!!

Jen in Melbourne
(commenting tonight from chilly Canberra as I sit in the hotel lobby whilst away for work.
Yes - addicted to your blog!).

Lynn said...

Your Mom feels loved on!

K. said...

Wow look at that passport picture. I need to get one! And get J. to renew his. Perhaps a visit to Berlin will tempt him?

Kimberley said...

exciting times for you anemone ladies... one new little girl and an adventure in berlin. awesome. the other kimberley xx
PS I think of you ladies everyday when I pin a bib around harper's neck at breakfast.

fiona said...

Berlin! :) exciting days ahead for you.

happy birthday to you lies!

melissa said...

have fun kimberlee. good luck with the leaving preparations. i am so excited for you.
and also excited that you're a fellow nz-er (officially.) congratulations!

charlotte said...

look at your gorgeous photo you !
you look beautiful. Like you have evolved over the last year.

Such exciting news about Berlin!!!
I wonder if we'll fly past each other on our ways across the world.


Mee a Bee said...

WOW!! exciting news! Congrats!!!

Sally Anne said...

Wow, that is very exciting news, and you take a beautiful passport photo! Best wishes to you and Luke, safe travels and many happy adventures in Berlin.I am looking forward to reading your "news from Berlin" blog, when you get settled.:-)
xxxx Sally Anne

ruby in the dust said...

oh, that's so exciting! we'll miss you, but you'll have the most fabulous adventures, I'm sure. and you do look gorgeous on those pics :)

Victoria said...

VERY exciting news!! I think it will be so interesting to hear about your experiences over there - pretty different from NZ too! All the best with all the organising and tasks you have to complete before leaving.
Also - I got back from being interstate this week and picked up your parcel from the post office two days ago and I loved it! Thankyou so much!
Okay, going now, so pleased for you and your man going on a new adventure..

skymring said...

congratulations and all the best on your new adventure! hope this doesn't mean you'll leave anemone, though..

Anonymous said...