Thursday, 16 April 2009

she'll wake up soon

Kimberlee here with the BABY update. I went to visit the family in waiting today and this is what I saw:

Bags are packed, they are ready!

holy cow bag

look, my baby is just a bit sleepy, she'll wake up soon!
but baby is not quite ready

As Lieveke says "look, my baby is just a bit sleepy, she'll wake up soon!"

My creation
In the meanwhile, lieveke will entertain us with her moon. As a side note, she decided that she wanted to wear her dress OVER her newly knitted cardi (see last post), a bold fashion choice indeed.

Baby, we would sure like to meet you.


Heather said...

She is just the cutest. I'm baby hungry, but don't want to have kids for a while (after I finish school in a year and get a job where my husband and I could afford an apartment that could house three of us). Seeing pictures of adorable kids helps.

luke said...

I must say this is all very exciting. It's just like when the second Lord of the Rings film was coming out.

Julija's wardrobe... said...

Lovely pictures... I like the dress

JasperBoy said...

Thanks for the update Kimberlee, please continue to keep us posted.

You look just beautiful in the pic Lies, growing babies certainly suits you. xx

Jen in Melbourne

Emily said...

Lieveke is so similar to my daughter, Brenna. It's funny to read your blog because I can see Brenna saying and doing the same things Lieveke does. :) Precious and yes, very entertaining!

charlotte said...

i love lieveke's dress sense ! wonder where she got that from :)

I am watching and waiting over here for news !!

hanna said...

so cute. hopefully not too much longer to wait

Anonymous said...