Monday, 6 April 2009

Lovely books

That flu is almost gone. Gosh we were all sick at home last week, but are on the mend now.

No baby yet, I've got the feeling she'll just wait until I'm all energetic and healthy again (uh fingers crossed...). Gabe has put up shelves so I can have her little clothes and nappies (I'm doing cloth again, respect for mama Earth!) within reach in our bedroom, where she'll sleep once she's here. It is quite exceptional, Gabe putting up shelves, ha. So yeah yeah we're getting ready ready. Looking so forward. I'm a bit anxious too eeh.

What's left to do but browse my newly arrived lovely Japanese sewing books. The legendary Homspun ones, not new releases, one is from 2005, the other from 2006, but these books are still so fresh and inspirational. Yup, I love them to bits. Just the right combination of edgy construction, colorful use of fabrics and fragile photography.

This here is a sequence from one of my most loved Japanese films 'Dolls'. It portraits along the Banruki theatre style the drama of human relationships throughout different stages of life. Apart from the breathtaking stylised visuals and the poignant telling of pain and love, the costume in the film is stunning, by Johji Yamamoto, of course. If you have a chance to rent this dvd, do and watch, it is a beautiful experience.

Have a nice week friends


sweetp said...

Hope you dont have to wait too long for babies arrival. The books look very nice.

Good for you using cloth too btw ;)

JasperBoy said...

Soooo exciting!!
We're looking forward too!!

Jen in Melbourne

hanna said...

yes those books really do look lovely!
Thinking of you in these waiting days :o)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

That yellow dress in the sewing book is so beautiful. Have a lovely week. Loving thoughts beaming your way!

Iris said...

Go cloth!

Anonymous said...

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