Sunday, 15 April 2007

Arwyn Storyboard

This was the finished version of my illustration project. Sorry it took me so long to post it but I just needed a break from looking at it for a while. The quality of the originals is obviously different from what is posted here because you lose colour and detail when scanning especially since I was working in water colour. The first section of 8 images is the storyboard. Below that are two images I didn't end up using in the storyboard sequence (they just weren't working) and then the character development picture of Arwyn standing front on, which is part of the finished work and is originally a larger size than the rest.

I am sure it doesn't look like much and certainly not something worthy of the pulling-my-hair-out stress I experienced trying to complete this project. But there is so much unseen developmental work that goes into these types of projects and for some reason I just had massive problems every step of the way. Basically anything that could go wrong, did. But I am pleased with the end result and that is the main thing. :)

Lately in craftworld I have been making more cards and envelopes. Also the cold snap we are experiencing here in Auckland has been very conducive to knitting and I have done so, with GUSTO! It feels so great to get back into it! Expect photos soon.

All for now,


Kate said...

the illustrations are incredible!!

Lynn said...

My talented, wonderful, beautiful daugher - I am so proud of you and the beauty you create.

Fiona said...

Those are really awesome! :-)

Keep your toes warm. It's hot & humid here!

melissa said...

i agree with kate- that is incredible work. I can't believe how much expression you conveyed through watercolour, which seems to me to be a very difficult medium. well done!

VictoriaE said...

Incredible is the word. they are quite wonderful, I love the sense of life and movement. (People don't call me Vicky, but they all call me "Tor".)

Kristen Joy said...

Beautiful work!! Good to hear from you Kimberlee! Thanks for the congrats! I am really excited! So how are things going in New Zealand? I am working on a wish for a girl who is going to go to New Zealand in June! Hope all is well!!