Thursday, 5 April 2007

Pennies from heaven

Well yesterday I received the most amazing parcel in the mail from Helen . I could hardly contain my glee and opened the parcel on a park bench, I couldn't even wait until I was home. inside was an absolute treasure trove; many collage bits from old children's books (you know me well), Japanese incense which is amazing timing since our entire interior space has a new Japanese theme, samples of her hip collage cards, some collaged illustrations (again, Helen, bang on the money!) and a few other randoms. So here are a few pics of the new corners of our home.
Here we see Helen's collage image, a retro piece of design from a children's game, and the Elam bunny sharing some wall space. They go well together I think.

Some images from the collage collection that I hung on the pillar next to our computer.
a small hanky looking ethereal in the light

So thank you very much Helen. It will be fun making new cards with the collage packets and they will be sort of a collaboration so I will be sure to post images. Luke especially enjoyed the incense and we had the lovely fragrance of wafting through our apartment last night.

Also out of the blue on Tuesday I received a call from a women from The NZ Herald who is writing a story for the Viva section of the paper and wanted to feature ANEMONE in her article. I was very surprised and happily accepted. It turns out she had bought a few ipod covers from me, was excited about them, and wanted them to be featured. So this week I had a phone interview and a little photo shoot. Its such a shame Lies could not be here to take part, we could have done another of our twin poses. So if you are an Aucklander and want to read this story, it should be out next Wednesday.

all for now,


Fiona said...

Oh, the hanky is sweet. You two are clever at collaging.
Congratulations on the interview! :-)

Lies said...

Congrats on your I-pod-cover-cover!!!
Twin kisses

VictoriaE said...

You got lots of good stuff there. That Things To Make book would be brilliant. Congrats on the newspaper coverage!

melissa said...

well done on the newspaper coverage. i wish i could see it!
and your cards are just great. Nothing more inspiring than having new images on the walls of your rooms!

Sheena said...

That is one swwwwweeeeeeeet article! So nicely done, hope you guys sell lots and lots! See ya at Craftwerk!