Monday, 9 April 2007

Order iPod covers

Sorry Blogger is being buggy now. will fix images when I can :)

Hello and thanks for your interest in my handmade, crochet ipod covers. If you would like to order one, it's a simple process and works very similarly to trademe. Just email me details of yourself and the cover you want, I send you back bank account information for you to deposit cash into. Once this is in, I send out the covers in a few days. Sorry, only orders for NEW ZEALAND because overseas banking and shipping is problematic.

$15 + $2 shipping/handling ($17 total)
Send an email with these details to me (

-iPod model (old with small screen, new with large screen, or nano)
-Cover style: (using numbers 1-8 from photos above, or special request)

Thanks Again,

****** UPDATE******IF you live in Auckland, you are in luck. Anemone will have a table at the upcoming Craftwerk. The next Craftwerk is on its way! Its set to happen Thursday May 3rd at Alleluya Cafe in St Kevins Arcade, starting at 6pm and finishing up at around 9pm. So come check out our full range of craft goodness: knitted bangles, collage cards & envolopes, journal covers, reversable baby hats, bibs, dresses all in funky or vintage fabric, and of course, Ipod covers.


Grace said...

hi, your ipod covers are sooo cool. i found them in the latest viva and i really want one. problem is i have an ipod Nano... do you by any chance make small ones to fit them? and i will definitely be at the next craftswerk :-)

kimberlee & Lies said...

Hi Grace,
Having a nano is not a problem! I can do custom orders for nanos too as long as it is the newer version (the one with the bigger screen)
If you are still interested, It works the same with nanos as it does with bigger Ipods. just send me an email with all the requested details, I'll email you my bank account number, you pay and then I send it out. Alternatively you can order one at Craftwerk, pay cash upfront and then I mail it out.

Hope this is helpful,

VictoriaE said...

That's exactly what an ipod needs to look good! I love the combination of technology and art.

melissa said...

yeah, i love that about them, too- the combo of something so new/futuristic with something so traditional/handmade... they're beatuiful, kimberlee. now if only i could find a way to buy myself an ipod, then i could have one of your sweet civers.