Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I forgot to brag

I guess I should have explained this a bit. I was a little shy (don't ask me why, its really not in my nature) about posting it earlier but I was in the New Zealand Herald's Viva section two Wednesdays ago 11/04/07. Lies would have been featured as well but she was overseas. The article was about luxury and its changing meaning. I represented handmade (go team go) under the section 'imperfect.' There were other sections as well but I'll share just one because I can't be bothered to type out the whole article.

by Cathrin Schaer
IMPERFECT: As in, this object was made by human hand rather than perfectly mass-produced by machine. "It becomes a lot more meaningful to see the person who made the item. It's special for the customer and the seller," says Kimberlee Munn. She and her friend Lies Vandesande sell things like hand knitted bracelets, iPod covers and babywear, as well as cards made out of collages of vintage children's books and fashion magazines.
"Our idea was to take traditional skills and revamp them, to turn them into something that's relevant to the modern world. And I think the imperfection in work like that is great because it reminds you it was made by another human being."
Munn and Vandesande sell their wares at craftwerk fairs and on their website (www.anemonecrafts.blogspot.com). Munn says that even in the process of making the things she does, there's a luxury. "Because you had the time and the skills and the know-how to do this. Luxury is just having something really personal."

So that was me, kind of. Obviously I didn't write the article and I have to admit that those quotations are not directly word for word what I said which I find interesting. But it was great exposure and I am really thankful to Cathrin for thinking of Anemone for her article. It definitely surprised me when she rang me up seemingly out of the blue and proposed the idea, but she had bought two iPod covers from me in the past so there was a genuine connection.

I hope that answers some questions except how many fingers special K is holding up (3?).

All for now!


aka Special K said...

My goodness, look at you you gorgeous thing. What's the story about? What magazine is it in? Can we Wellingtonians get hold of it? Have I asked enough questions? How many fingers am I holding up?

rhiannon said...

second all of those questions, and also the gorgeous comment. what a hottie. c'mon spill, what's it all about and how can we get ahold of it!

Fiona said...

The short sighted me can't really see those words but I can certainly tell that the beautiful you so deserve that article space. :-)

Hana said...

you guys are the bomb. officially.
ps. i need a copy for my grandkids

kates said...

well done ... and you look at you... you're stunning.

melissa said...

woohoo- this is so great! i love love that photo of you (you really are gorgeous)- and a whole article about the beauty of handmade- woohoo!!
go anenome crafts!

VictoriaE said...

Goodness me, who is that girl? She looks like a model!! Way to go with the publicity.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

CONGRATULATIONS is all I can say. You have inspired me DEEPLY!!!!!!

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Yes model for sure...