Monday, 23 April 2007

love is on the inside

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photos my uncle took for city side church

well sometimes it feels as though lots of little unrelated things come together to send me one clear, undeniable message. Today I was reading Tiny Happy's post about the challenges of writing a blog and having what you say there be a true reflection of what is happening in your life and what you are really thinking. She talks a bit about self censorship and basically not posting about certain subjects for fear that they don't relate to craft. I don't mean to put words in her mouth, so read her post yourself... but that is what I got out of it anyway. And I thought it was a bit true for me as well.
Then today I stumbled across the amazing varied work of a two person art team called Wary Meyers. Flip. The interior spaces they design (and they do a lot more than just that) were so inspiring to me that I realised how uninspired I have been lately. I have just been plodding along, sort of half asleep crocheting ipod covers, knitting baby hats, and finishing illustration briefs for school. But seeing this stuff makes me excited. I don't want to be passive, I want to take creative risks and be bold. so behold! I am awake now.

Please check out their stuff, it will be to your benefit. I would post photos here but I am bandwidth conscious and don't want to make trouble:) I really like this one overall and this one for the beautiful stencils and this one for the boys room and painted radiator, and this one for the log bedside tables and reading loft. Note: one of the designers used to work for Anthropologie curating displays.

okay since this is rather photo bare, I'll show some of the hats I have been making.


kate said...

beautiful, thanks

melissa said...

thanks for posting those links- they're great! I can see your style: modern-hippy, ethnic, colourful, handmade. i love the guest-bedroom and those books!
thank yuo for your mention of my post yesterday. it's always good to know i'm not alone.
oh! and those hats are wonderful- so cheering and warm for winter. I also love that you used as a model, some of your summer preserves! excellent...

VictoriaE said...

Thanks for the link to that amazing site Kimberlee. I love it. Blog about whatever you want I say, even if it makes you feel like your blog isn't what you planned it to be, or that people won't like it as much. I always remind myself to be as enthusiastic and unconcerned about audience as I was when I knew the only one who read my blog was my mum and one of my friends!
Going to go read that Tiny Happy post now!!

Fiona said...

I so love the hat on the left. Your knit hats ROCK! :D