Sunday, 1 July 2007

oh say can you see

This is the beautiful baby kimono Lies made for my niece Ella. I just wanted to show the perfect fit and colouring. Thank you so much my dear friend!

This child does a lot of window gazing, which enables you to see the back of the kimono. I wish I also had a picture of the view she is enjoying, the rocky mountains.
One of Colorado's native animals. (okay we were at the zoo)

So its been: lounging around my parents house (7 people, 2 dogs, and a fish that only lasted until Monday, RIP) talking and reliving family memories, fierce Italian lawn bowl competitions, hikes through (easy) mountain trails, garage sale shopping, driving in through suburban sprawl in the family mini van, seeing prairie dogs, chipmunks, foxes, squirrels, and crows.

tomorrow we are saying goodbye to my brother and niece, I hate this part.

love from USA,


Fiona said...

Goodbyes are hard, esp if you're leaving a nice place. Looks like you'd a wonderful time. :)

melissa said...

your niece is so sweet! that jacket is perfect for her.
sounds like the best time- enjoy your family! xx