Thursday, 5 July 2007

Oh happy rain

Phew it's been rainy and sticky and swampy and cc-cc-cold down here in wintery Auckland! Every ray of brave sunlight that makes it through is greeted by a sweetest 'oooh' from Lieveke. We have other reasons to be cheerful though! New pretty frabrics dwindled down into the mailbox today. Since I've started working I've just a few extra dollars (hmmm) and for the very first time I ordered some fabric via the net in the States. I am more than delighted with the (swift and fast!) delivery. It is YUMYUM!!!
-tweet tweet

-cosy cuties

-happy fruits and dainty dots

-oooh lah lah abstract!

-Lieveke samples the material with expert testing skills.

Aaah what to make? What to make? I will let you know soon X

1 comment:

hana said...

aaah! a veritable feast for the eyes
lucky lucky