Friday, 27 July 2007


Well folks, its good to be back in New Zealand. It always takes me a few weeks before I can say that and mean it because, as you can imagine, its hard going back and forth between home country and new home country. But I always come to the conclusions that I love my life here and wouldn't trade it in for the USA version. The only perfect solution would be for all my lovely friends and family who are stateside, to make a new life in the friendly south pacific. Any takers?

This is one of my favourite shots from the wedding I was a part of. My dear friend of over 10 years pledged herself to love on a very hot and sticky day in the North Woods of Wisconsin, well a church in the north woods anyway.

A wedding I missed but you can't be in two places at once. This is the traditional Indonesian wedding of Hana and Jake done in Sumatran style. Hana and Jake, you guys are beautiful!!!! My only comfort is that I was able to be there for their kiwi wedding.

Flash back to Wisconsin styles, this is a friend and I dancing in the loft of a barn that they had renovated for the reception. It had such a classy rustic charm, full of raw wood, twinkle lights and Chinese lanterns.

And back home. It was very crowded in our tiny apartment because as soon as we arrived home, two friends came to visit. You are looking at the lounge which was also converted into a guest bedroom (yes a multi functional feature!). you can see through to the end of the apartment and 10 paces behind the photographer in the door to the porch. Twas cozy :) but we'd do it again.

Now I have gotten rather behind on posting and want to show you more. Are you ready for part TWO? hang on folk here we go.