Thursday, 26 July 2007

Doing a bit of...

I've been doing a bit of...
-knitting : a wee shrug for Lieveke. Gals, sit tight : I USED A PATTERN (Debbie Bliss)! As always -which really means almost never- working with a pattern teaches me many usefull things. And it is REAL fun to know beforehand what your project will look like when finished, I usually stuff up while inventing as I go... The suggested yarn for this shrug wasn't available here in Auckland but i found a lovely merino/silk NZ alternative : naturally Merino et Soie. It's sssssssssoft and it makes my Lieveke look like a scrumptious little lump of butter!

-sewing : a winterwarm hooded jacket for Lieveke (shall we call her the lucky lumpett?). Now this I did make more or less without pattern. 'T is to say : I adjusted my very own kimono-pattern and did a little bit of sneeky spying on a hoodie attached to one bought (bad! bad!) jumper of the lumpett. I used one of my favorite fabrics : it's almost like a felted wool and has a relief which makes the tiny yellow pebble shaped ehm shapes (duh? whatyacallthemanyway?) come out crisply against the deepbrown background.

-gazing at the pretty game the light and the brightly coloured stainedglass apples play in the staircase of the house :

-'sponsoring' a fellow craftster : at the Craftwerk-fair last thursday I fell in love with a most original beauty. Meet my new very big pillow with very individual craaaazzzzyyyy pillow-case. 't Is made by the kind girl that goes by the name of Caran (I think? Arghh please forgive bad memory-lobes). Her theme is the Caravan (clever, clever!). She had a whole lotta very original stuff (oh the pretty cards, shoulda gotten some) depicting caravans! Look at the pillow-case : it features cute-as piglet buttons, (vintage?) pink tartan wooly blanky and 60's-flower fabrics, and no less than 3 caravans : a huge embroidered one with a lace 'halo' round it, a tiny one (just underneath, very funny, could be like a subtitle or a translation, or.. sorry getting too arty) and my fave, on the other side of the case, the third caravan, printed on some sort of oilcloth. There has been a lot of thought, work and dedication put into this pillow-piece. Respect!

Oh! Btw :
*Anonymous I got the pretty-bird-fabric on (a wicked fabric-site, check it out!), but it's sold out I think. Where to get those great fabrics eh? Read up on it on a beautiful blog called 'Paper String Cloth' : this must be the best 'tute' on fabrics ever!
*there is a nice collection of snippets on crafty-blogs in NZ on http:// Thank you Whip (or Up?) for including us.
Catchyalata (hmm beginning to sound like a Kiwi)