Tuesday, 31 July 2007

potfolio days

A project I was working on last year, just for fun. well actually it had me pulling out my hair. I usually use traditional methods of illustration, but this is me trying to get those digital skills.

Luke worked with a pyschologist to develop self help game for mid risk teens dealing with depression. I did the background illustration like this game map.

Some of the illustrations I did for the NZ liver transplant website.

Today I hooked up our external hard drive (extra computer storing space) to our new mac book and went through my old work. I looked through scores and scores of poorly organized files and made my selections. It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff because these are portfolio days. After hours of sorting through images my eyes are crossing and I need a break. But first I will show you some nearly forgotten relics that have been uncovered during my dig today.

Also a lovely person came over today and purchased an ipod cover. I was running late and had to rush this meeting which is a real shame. So if you are reading, I would have liked to get to know you but I had to go. (doesn't that sound like a song title for an indie band?)

happy mid week everyone. Luke is taking me out for dinner tonight, it's time we had a proper date.



VictoriaE said...

I love your work. And how there's all so many different things in it. Is it sort of fun sorting out your portfolio? Hope your date is splendid!

melissa said...

hope you had fun on your date. i'm completely blown away by your work. i love the picture of the liver transplant. looking at those makes me feel as though i'll be okay, even if i need a liver transplant.

charlotte said...

oh wow - I really love the last two illustrations especially