Tuesday, 14 August 2007

cowgirl days: flashback

my earlier days of riding that's me on the horse (note I am doing quite a poor job, hand in the air and feet out of stir-ups) and my tiny sister on the pony.

Carling was always so small and with a 6 year age gap between us, I was always a sister/mom to her which I am she did NOT always appreciate. though I am sure she didn't mind me leading her around on tiny tim.

This photo of our horse was when we were purchasing her from her former owners. That's my mom in the white coat, and the owner in the pink gum boots. Carling is looking rather overwhelmed by her pink snowsuit, but a little thing like her would surely freeze to death without it.

So here pictures are as promised. I can't find one of me riding our horses but these are some from our friends farm where we went riding. I miss those days more than I can express. Having to sell our horses was devastating to me but I am thankful for the time we had.

There are some bloggers doing Flashback Fridays, I got this idea from Leah at paper string cloth because I so much enjoy seeing pictures of people from childhood. Perhaps Lies would like to post a few from the good ol' days?

Not sure if I explained why I have not been crafting, in addition to focusing on my illustration portfolio, Luke and I are renaming/reforming his company to include me as an illustrator and administrative assistant. Thus I have been busy learning about tax deductions, spread sheets, record keeping and the like for my secretary duties. Also working on company identity stuff, e.i. new name, website etc.

I hope to get back into it soon. Leah's cathedral quilt has REALLY inspired me. she will be posting a tutorial soon :)

ALSO INVITATION TO DE-LURK! now that I have posted pictures from my childhood and thus exposed myself, I invite you to do the same. Are there those who read this blog and never comment? I am am so interested in hearing from you. drop us a comment. go on.

have a good week!


charlotte said...

hello - I have never commented before - so 'hello'. I'm also in Auckland :)

Such a beautiful day today - I can't stop smiling!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I'm a relatively new reader... just a month or so. So heyyy!
Thanks for the inspiring crafty stuff :)

Fiona said...

You truly ARE a cowgirl! Oops, am I too loud?:) Love those pics. Pity I can't show much as my childhood photos are across the seas.

paper. string. cloth said...

hey Kimberlee....
Thanks for the link love - it's always good to share the ideas around, I say!
Love the cowgirl photos... Flashback Friday is really taking off!
take care...
Leah xx

VictoriaE said...

The cowgirl photos are brilliant, I especially like the first one. Good luck with the company stuff.

aka Special K said...

You haven't changed a bit! Although I do hope you don't tuck your t-shirts into your jeans anymore ... k xx

melissa said...

hehe, those photos are priceless. you and your sister are so cute!
i used to dress in a scarily similar way- go 80's/90's farmgirls!