Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Just little socks

Hey hey. What have i been up to in between mama-mornings with my little toddler and work-afternoons at the gallery? There just doesn't seem much time left to create (and finish!) grand projects... My nights a quite cosy and short, I fall asleep around 10-ish, so tired... So what to do in the little craft-window from say, 8 pm to sleepy slumber? Well... I can knit one sweet sock for Lieveke in that tiny time!!! See, I'll show my nights delights to you on our little collection of crochet-blankies :

Lieveke was supposed to model the socks for pretty pictures, but she got carried away with the props. Here she 'rests' (the new thing, I guess they're trying to teach her that at day-care?) on her sheepy, she needs ALL the blankies of course!

Hmmm, 'resting' yes almost, so difficult to keep still and not have FUN!!!

We are moving house next week (yippideeyip!), soon I'll show you around


melissa said...

i love those little socks! i used make lots just the same when my toddlers were babies. so much fun, and much nicer than bought socks!
p.s. lieveke is growing up very fast...

Kimberlee + Lies said...

those socks look great! I would love to learn how and maybe knit some for mayana's baby:)
you are a busy mama!

Helen said...

Those socks are SO CUTE - I want to learn to make socks, but whenever I read the patterns I get scared about the "turn the heel" stuff - it looks a little arcane and it hard?

x Helen

Felicia said...

What awesome socks :)

My Happy Turtle said...

Those socks are soooo cute! I simply MUST learn to knit this winter!!!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

socks and blankies.
what more could a girl want???

Thanks for the comments over at my blog - thingts are looking up, for sure!

Leah xx

VictoriaE said...

Great photos Lies, esp the laughing one! I have a problem with my littlest kids socks (just from target, Big W, etc)in that they always get holes in them, quickly. SO maybe knitted socks are the anwswer?