Saturday, 11 August 2007

Saturday chatty

Artwork by Arwyn

WE had a knitting circle meet up today minus the knitting so I am not sure if it counts technically, but whatever. This time we met a local cafe because every body's house was unsuitable for the day. For example...

Emily, the master knitter, has just been given the boot (her landlord want to move back in, the nerve) so they are in the midst of moving and she leaves for Canada tomorrow for a family wedding. Needless to say, we could not meet at her place. I will morn the passing of that GREAT apartment. It was a warehouse conversion so it had loft style ceilings, hard wood floors, open plan, floor to ceiling windows, sky lights..... Oh sorry, am I drooling? let me wipe that up.

Emily in the kitchen of her amazing apartment... did I post this before?

Lies is living with her in laws temporarily and they are searching for an affordable apartment in the middle of the city that is suitable for a baby. (it will happen, have faith!) Her in-laws had company so we could not meet there. And Mayana lives out in Te Atatu which is simply too far. And we have all this extra furniture monopolising our already limited space. CAFE TO THE RESCUE! Good food (that we didn't have to make) and great times catching up.

Mayana is due next month! and as you can see, they couldn't be happier. Arwyn will make a fabulous older sister

I must say that I am very thankful for my friends here. Many people I know are going through rough times and we need people around to get us through. It feels good to look after each other. I know talking always helps me feel better, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, right? Thanks for all the conversation my knitty friends.

Above is my dear friend Sarah playing word games in the black sand at Piha. This photo was taken just a few weeks ago when she and her new husband were staying with us as part of their 'around the south pacific' honeymoon. This week Sarah lost her father to cancer. She has definitely been in my thoughts and prayers this week, I can't imagine the loss she is experiencing right now.

Well I must get going. Luke's parents are shouting (kiwi slang for buying/treating) the whole family tickets to Bob Dylan tonight. Very generous considering Luke is from a family of 8. Some of the younger ones are surprisingly disinterested (COME ON ITS BOB!!) so there will only be 7 of us going . They don't know what they're missing


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