Wednesday, 22 August 2007

so this week...

Today Yoshi had a puppy play date with a 3 month old jack russel named Anita. Isn't she cute?

they hardly held still enough for the pictures

this is cat. I made him yesterday out of what's left of my op shop cord. I really enjoyed making him but I wondering what the point is. I may try and sell at craftwerk (is it good enough though?) or they may just be toys for friends children. we'll see.

bunny's not quite done yet

After cat I made bunny. Luke says bunny looks a lot like a bear in the face. I will have to work on that. :) I may be making more of these because they were really fun and hardly use any fabric. The only thing is I destroyed a pillow to get the stuffing, and whoops it was Luke's favourite. "Look what Yoshi did to the pillow!" he said. (No I didn't let the dog take the blame) You can always buy more stuffing later, and I wanted to make cat and bunny NOW, or at least that was my reasoning.

tomorrow I am off to the op shops to get more supplies. I'll post if i am successful.

So dog dates and toy making , wow that makes me sound a little desperate or something. hah!



VictoriaE said...

I am so taken by the fabric you used to make the cat - it is not the normal stuffed toy fabric, I love the end result. You should try selling them, why not! Dog dates is a great idea for dogs. Makes sense.

Fiona said...

Dog dates are always fun. I know my dogs (+ me) miss them.
;) The cat toy is cute! Um.. is Yosh a gentle one? I've had to mend a cow stuff toy each time the poor thing loses something.

Anonymous said...

I think cat is supercute! I would buy cat if I saw him on a stall.

Let me know if you need any fabric - the opshops in PN RULE and I have way too much - just tell me what kinds (cottons, cords etc) and what colours and eras you like.

x Helen Dayglo

melissa said...

i love cat and bunny! and your story about them... you made me laugh.