Friday, 24 August 2007

Flashback Friday

I quite like this flashback Friday because it gives me a chance to display my collection of old photographs of my parents. I have been stealing pictures from the family photo drawer for as long as I can remember and I've only gotten away with it because nobody is interested enough to notice. (If you are reading this mom, I have ALL the good ones!) Like this one of my dad taken while he was playing college football.
I think I like this picture because it connects me with my American past. I sometimes joke that my dad's side of the family is so American that they have apple pie and coca cola coursing through their veins. They were star athletes and prom queens, clean, healthy, religious, and patriotic. Sometimes I imagine what it would have been like to live during my parent's era.... the civil rights movement, JFK, Vietnam protest, Watergate, the advent of television, the golden years of baseball, oh I could go on. It seems like such an interesting time in American history.
anyway, I'll dream on that for the moment and bid you farewell.
Have a great weekend!


paper. string. cloth said...

That is like the quintessential American Youth photo....

VictoriaE said...

American history is so interesting, and so different to australian history (not that that's not interesting too). Very cool photo, I love photos of my parents as teenagers and young adults. I get what your talking about with stealing the old photos. How could you help it!

aka Special K said...

you look a bit like your dad, without the enormous shoulders of course. Same nose. I think I may join in Flashback Firday this week.