Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunday mini play

Did I show you these sixties-mini-dresses I made for little toddler girls from 8 months to 1,5 years? They are double-sided (aha! a nice change from the usual reversable trick!). The front side was made in a geometric pattern fabric and has a pocket in a complementary flower or fruit fabric. The back was made in that respective complementary fabric and has colorful buttons. I had great fun making them and applied some new (ehm I'm not a very advanced) techniques a friend of mine reccomended : for clean neck- and armlines use fine cotton interfacing, for strong button-holes encase fusing-tape.

Here is, as always, Lieveke showing the dress for you.

If she finds a tiny bit of time, that is, because she has important buisiness to attend to!
-preserving wildlife

-organising diplomatic tea-ententes

-reading up on filosophy and art (Brian Wildsmith's gorgeous Puzzles, used to be papa Gabriel's, now Lieveke's favorite)

-and of course, reassuring the odd lost and frail parent-adult...

Enjoy the upcoming week X -L


VictoriaE said...

That Brian Wildsmith has made some amazing amazing pictures, hasn't he! Nice to see pics of your girls adventures.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

lieveke is getting so big! I am torn, I want to see her grow but I want her to remain just as she is.