Friday, 1 February 2008

More little things

Echoing my previous post, these are little things I made, worn by such wonderful little people, it makes me warm up to the world... From top left to bottom left : Remi (hat), Sian (skirt), Hanna (hat) and Astrid (pinnie).


Gosh, I find this little girls dress, 'Dana' by Rito co Rita, so beautiful. I found it at Mooi in Antwerp. I like their statement : '..if the only thing you ever buy from us is one sweater, make sure you buy it large, so that it can be worn for years – until the cuffs don’t reach and the elbows have worn thin – that would make us happy.'

And how about this sweet collection of toys, from the latest brochure at Amsterdam's Keet in Huis.

Fun toys

I hope your weekend will be sunny


Anonymous said...

it's so nice to see photos of the kiddies that wear your amazing crafts!!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

And look - all so happy about their Lies creations!

I'll have to get a pic of Han in the dress too... but first I have to try and get the paint out of it. &^$*^%$(*&%@$(*%$&%$@&( creche. I^&%$&#*#($.

ashley rose helvey said...

lies! how sweet are those outfits you made :) i also like that company's motto. i had the idea to felt onto the sleeves of my baby clothes as they get older. A color for every uear! Could you imagine?! Also funny you have the same book! You're reading it in Japanese?! WOw?

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Got the paint out of the dress! Yay for dishwashing liquid! Will post a pic tomorrow :)