Sunday, 27 April 2008



spectacular (projection of sunbursts -
I really admire the wonderfully talented Cybele,

who's making furore with her stunning designs)

birthday dress (woh ho, I love my dress)

Thank you Kimberlee for those kind birthday-cupcakes.
So yuh 37. Old? I might consider growing up, soonishly...

Thank you Ashley, for this lovely surprise (nice timing):

a blogging award, wow

Now my turn to pass it on. After a loooong think, I decided that I really admire a few strong (not shy in showing their likes, sometimes dislikes) , independent (proud to do their thing without advertising and product placement of others) and original (inventive, fresh, enthusiastic) people. Here you go :

Hyena in petticoats (Leah, so herself, fantastic)

Anknel and burblets (Charlotte has fabric dreams out of her ears all the way to London)

Tummy Ache ( Amy and simply sweet stuff)

Manteli (Hanna does magic photo-prose in and around new country house)

Simply Olive (a new one for me, dramatic, dressy, catchy, and green)


1. nominate 5 blogs, which haven't had this award before

2. Each of the blogs must have a purpose

3.The nominated blogs must make a link back to this page

4. The logo from the award must be put on your blog and it must link back to this blog

I just want to (narcissistically) show you some more pictures of the top (I call it number one) I made, I wanted to sell it through the good old Etsy shoppe, but a friend just really really wanted it! I have to admit I kept the 'proto' for myself, because yes, it's a goody. The shot cottons (coal, chartreuse and jade) are really of a superior quality and my sewing was not too bad for a change. Also my friend Lulu has invited me to sell some of my adult range in her shop. Great, heh i better start designing some more of that adult range then. I've just cut out the pattern for number two - it will take a while yet (it always turns out so differently from what's projected in my head) but, yay! Also I've decided to label these woman garments 'anomaly', kinda in analogy with 'Anemone' for the girls-clothes, but more edgy and different. I've added a (rather blurry sorry) pic of the anomaly tag I made to go with the top.
Oh if you'd want one too - I'd be happy to post it for you on the Etsy after all - just send me a little Email or so X

And thank you so for your wishes.
Have a sweet week!


kimberlee said...

oh the new dress is something else, very you and very beautiful. are you wearing it today? I hope so.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Gorgeous gorgeous dress Lies. Bet you'll look beautiful in it - we need a pic for sure.

And happy birthday for the other day!!! The cupcakes look looooovely.

blackie said...

it isn't a proper birthday without a new dress and yours is fab. Happy birfdy! As for growing up....why would you??!! Have fun!

Fiona said...

Beautiful dress! :) & happy belated birthday to you.

ashley rose helvey said...

hi lies! beautiful top! AHA! how hilarious we posted the same page! oh i got a big kick out of that... too funny!

Mrs.French said...

Your birthday dress is so gorgeous...I want one. :) Oh and the top you designed is perfect! I can't wait to see more of your designs!

Hyena In Petticoats said...


Thanks for the award my love!

The dress is gorgeous - you'll have to post a photo of yourself wearing it....the tops you are making are beautiful too - I bet your adult stuff will sell like hotcakes!

Leah xxx

Melissa said...

what a stylish and beautiful dress, l. i love it. bet it looks gorgeous on. here are some very belated birthday wishes to you! i hope you had a lovely day. how could you not with those yummy cakes? xxx

Anonymous said...

make sure you sell them expensive enough, they'll be worth millions probably when you're dead and famous :) kaki

Anonymous said...

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