Thursday, 3 July 2008

Now here's some craft

First of all : a big thank you for putting up with my grumpy 'got too much on my plate so gotta do my long snake moan' of the previous post. You are kind ones. Thanks dears for your encouraging comments. Even Lieveke was telling me 'relax ma'.

The lovely (promised!) news is that heh heh I did get a whole lot of craftiness done this week and that feels very very satistfying.

Because in our Etsy shop, we're about to have the 50th purchase, I want to throw a tiny party and so the purchasers of item #50, item #51 and item #52 will be gifted with a little handmade extra. I actually love sneeking little surprises in (those of you that had a new baby or bought more than one item know!) and thinking up little things that will make someone smile kinda is great fun. I'll also add a few new little girls-garments to the shop tonight, including these 'kimono-pinafores'. I'm very happy with the way these pinnies have turned out -I used some authentic Mameyakko kimono cottons.

For OUI boutique, I've made some flower-dresses for 2 to 3 year olds with Noami Ito's stunning Fuccra fabrics in black and yellow. I must admit - and I fall in love with all the textiles i use- I'm making a black one for Lieveke too, just too beautiful. If you want one (***I've enough for one more black one*** edit : last of the black on hold for Kirsten! - and not enough yellow sadly) let me know...

Ah, and Im currently also making leggings. I've finally gotten over my fobia for knits and stretchy fabric, found some yum stretchy cotton in turqouise/green and coral/red and well hello my stripy ones! Umph the sewing is 'technically' going well but it took me a few pattern-drafts (and reject-sews) to get the sizing right... At first I made a pair for a 6 month to 1 year old bub with way-too-wide-flapping legs. No good cause I want them nicely and sleekly hugging the leg. Then I made a 1 years to 2 years pair without a bum (yes i forgot to allow extra space for those 'sexy curves'...). I'm proud to report I now have the two sizes more or less 'drafted', and the test-driver Lieveke was pleasantly chuffed with her new 'legs' as she calls them.

I just love those little test-toes to bits. I want to nibble them right now.
Ok I'm sure you'll agree that I'm over my grump.

X Lies


Kirsten said...

Oh I love those baby dresses so much but sadly Milla beene is way too big! I would love one of those black dresses though!! Looks so cute!!! Can I order one please while you still have some fabric left!!

amy said...

oh cute!! i've been looking for some cute patterned leggings for ages, it never occurred to me to sew them! thankyou x

lilysmakebelieve said...

Hello! I love the new kimonos- if only I had a wee one of my own- the fabrics you have used are gorgeous.

kimberlee said...

leggings! great idea and I want those toes too.

of course beautiful dresses. I love kimono fabrics, worth the extra expense.

fiona said...

aw.. those kimono dresses are lovely..

skymring said...
unfortunately, only baby boys to dress around here these days, so i'll settle for some of your other gorgeous stuff - a collage i've been looking at several times, among other things :)