Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Noor is now 2.5 weeks. She is delightful and so easy. Lieveke has adapted to a shared ruling of the universe and is completely delighted in her turn - a little sis that sleeps just about 20 hours a day is not much of a ruler to share with in the first place. All is good.
'Course I'm tired (visitors, visitors, and night-feeds - I'd forgotten about it) but satisfied into the deepest of my heart. I'm even considering crafting again (but alas I need a few more hours a day)... But soon I hope!

Thank you : every one of you that commented on the arrival of Noor - your kind wishes make us feel so rich! Thank you thank you : especially Jen (of Melbourne), Charlotte and Sanne - your parcels are TOO generous and you are loved friends. Thank you thrice : Kimberlee - I know you are very busy with immanent Berlining - your lentil-dish and apple-pie were so delish, much much appreciated. Thousand thank yous to Emily - skilled cook (too much to sum up), gentle doctor and caring friend who's held my hand a few times these 2.5 weeks when I needed a little company and reassurance, although it's my second babe : scary things are just as scary but we devised knitting plans and combed through SOME of Emily's yarn stash by way of therapy in distracting the motherly nerves.

In the photo Noor wears a cute cardi-thing that I knit mostly during the waiting days before she was born. I used this simple pattern (the beauty lies in the simplicity), only I shortened the sleeves (to a perfect fit, what luck) and used a shimmery pearly-colored Snuggly Bamboo (with a hint of wool), it's ever so lovely.

Arohanui (Maori for lots and lots of love)


charlotte said...

och look at the little sweet :)


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

She could not be more beautiful, can't wait to be home and see her snoozing through the craft fairs of the future. Love to you and all your family Lies. xoxo

ruby in the dust said...

so glad it's going well...

JasperBoy said...

Thank you for the post Lies and for sharing this special pic of Noor.

It's so wonderful that she has already brought so much joy to the world.

Love to Lieveke.

Jen in Melbourne

Lezarde (LesArte) Navruz said...

all the best to you & yours!!

Victoria said...

Beautiful photo Lies. SO glad to hear it's going well for all your family, hope you start to get more sleep soon!