Tuesday, 4 August 2009

hello paris, nice to meet you

Library - 8676

parisian fun park

Library - 8636

parisian landmarks

my first time in Paris
It was beautiful, romatic, historic, and charming -just like I dreamed it.
dear city, I miss you already. sigh.

I have many more pictures here if you want to have a look see.

Still having a wonderful time here in Europe, but seeing pictures and reading blogs from back home does make me miss it there too. So I guess I have a case of 'wish I was there, glad I am here.' Which is actually the story of my adult life.

Anyway, I soon hope to share some pictures and stories of interior spaces in Paris. But right now I am nursing one very sick husband.



JasperBoy said...

It has been my favourite place to visit so far in my travels. I'm going back early 2010. Thanks for the visual reminder of all the things I am looking forward to seeing and doing.

Jen in Melbourne

JasperBoy said...

PS - However I haven't been to see your beloved NZ yet!!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Kimberlee! I'm so sad we missed you in Berlin. This end of the trip we have been moving so quickly. So glad Paris was all you hoped, it was for me too! xx Berlin, blew my mind.

Ruby in the Dust said...

beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing them. I'd love to go there one day...

victoria said...

I will love to see the interior shots.

Sally Anne said...

Thank you for these stunning photos. We visited Paris in 2004 and now after seeing your beautiful images I am yearning to go again. I think I will have to make do on memories for now.

asthma fabrics said...

These photos really prove that Paris is such a very beautiful country. I really love looking at these. Thanks for the post!!!