Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Parisian apartment

parisian apartment

When this Parisian apartment was first purchases by its owner, a young french artist, she thought long and hard about the best way to maximise the space. Her dream was for this small, 30 square foot apartment to have all the comforts of home but to also function as a working space for her artmaking, a place to screen films, a performance space hosting an audience of up to 40 people, and a guest house for friends traveling through Paris.

After 8 months of thinking, drawing and designing, she finally achieved her goal. The result: multi level lofts, pull out bench seats that convert into beds, a wall for screening films, a compact kitchen including dishwasher and breadmaker, a large desk and studio corner, the tiniest bathroom that has everything one needs, comfortable living room area with plenty of seating, and all this while maintaining a open plan design with plenty of free space for performing.

My pictures do not do this interior justice. I would have needed to a wide angle lense to capture the openness of the space. Also my only opportunity to photograph the apartment was at night, so my apologies, daylight would have been much much better!

In other news I am starting up a German language course this week that will have me studying in the classroom 3 and a half hours a day, plus homework and much study in my free time. That in edition to my job will keep me pretty busy! I need to restructure things a little (read check facebook and youtube less often and do more productive things instead!) in order to keep blogging. Hopefully that old truism 'the busier you are, the more you get done' will apply to me here too. At the moment ENTIRE DAYS slip away with me doing just about nothing because I don't have enough structure. So bring on the learning!

keep well everybody!


Ruby in the Dust said...

that's so true what you say about structure; it's so easy to waste time... What an amazing apartment ;)

Sally Anne said...

Such a clever use of a small space.
Good luck with the German language course...well done you !

R.W. Scissors said...

Hi K, I haven't been commenting much but am still keeping up and love reading your travel posts and looking at your amazing photos.
The apartment is great, very inspirational. I'm always interested in practical use of small spaces.
Really related to your comment about lack of structure leading to being less productive!
We miss you in NZ!
xo B

victoria said...

Sigh. That is a very beautiful place. So interesting and special. Such a whole 'nother world. I like the bed photo the best. Thanks for the views, K.
Good luck with the study. True about structured time.