Wednesday, 12 August 2009

in the neighbourhood

licorice store in the neighborhood

luke thought these swans were really funny but I don't know why

in the neighborhood, kreuzberg berlin

in the neighborhood,kreuzberg berlin

new boots

Well we are in a new area again, we are always on the move because renting 2 month sublets seems to be working for us at the moment. Our new place is in the turkish district of kreuzberg, and it also has the canal, the famous turkish markets, heaps of hipsters from overseas, plenty of parks, and a fair bit of dog poo on the streets.

Other highlighs include:
Kado, a little candy store stocking mostly Scandinavian sweet and salty licorice.
cobblestone streets
and Jumbo, a great vintage shop with heaps of great shoes. (Yes see my great new shoes? )

Its really fantastic here but today I am feel a little OUT OF CONTROL. some important things are breaking and it's kinda of getting me down/sending me into a panic. Like my mobile phone which is dead and will no longer charge, or our camera charger which is missing and I think we left it in paris, and my left eye, which has blurry vision since sunday, even with glasses on, and I don't know why. eeek.

There are a handful of other small challenges that are too boring to chronicle here, all of them together are a bit much for me right now. If we were in NZ I would be able to solve these problems like this (snaps fingers) but here.... oh boy.

okay one step at a time, right??
keep well folks,


Ruby in the Dust said...

good luck with sorting all those things out, especially the eye... Make sure you tackle that one first :) PS, the word verification is 'swimace', are you one?

R.W. Scissors said...

Good boots and yay for a licorice shop! I like your little handful of finds. Hope you can sort out your various things, and yes especially keep an eye on your eye please! xo Bron

melissa said...

oh no, kimberlee, i hope things look up soon! i remember so well that feeling of not being able to sort things out because you're in a new country. and it's just so much harder.
i say, keep eating sweets. :)

Indigo said...

Really enjoyed looking though your photos of your current place.
I love the handful of sweets at the top. They look really mouth watring :) Are the boots news?

fiona said...

salty licorice? hm.. i say those candy are yummy enough to look at.

hope things are on the mend now.