Wednesday, 12 August 2009

our new place in Kreuzberg Berlin

kitchen in kreuzburg apartment

our new place in kreuzberg berlin

best kitchen!

whole foods yo

just a poodle walking on a light fixture


greetings from the front hall

the artist studio in the front

this bathroom photographs better than it looks

our room in k-berg

love stool

our new place in kreuzberg berlin

I just thought I would quickly share with you some photos of our new sublet in Berlin. For me it is the perfect combination of grungy and sweet. Almost none of the things in it are ours, so I can't take any of the credit :) but I am quite enjoying living in the middle of someone else's world. Its like a bunch of different still lifes are especially set up for me to sit back and admire (or photograph).

hope you are enjoying the still lifes your world this weekend too:)


Lies said...

Waaah I love that huge lounge space with the parquet floor - ah berlin mein liebling... Yup we are not dead, we have moved (!) and are online again (!!!) - we miss ya heaps, thanks so for keeping the space goin the last coupla weeks while we were 'in motion'. such great posts and such awesome images.
XXX Lies

R.W. Scissors said...

Beautiful! I love that combination in decorating too.

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

It's brilliant to see all the different habitations you've parked your cowgirl boots in over the last few weeks. I think this latest one is my favourite. As to your previous comment about your lack of structure - that's the whole point of travelling. There'll be plenty of structure when you get home to NZ, so just enjoy the freedom of a structure-less year without guilt!

melissa said...

wow- what an amazing place!
be well, k. x

Anonymous said...

Looks very laid back....but it also could be pages out of an interior magazine....looks great. x

Ruby in the Dust said...

I love the deer and the huuuge workspace!

fiona said...

indeed, these photos qualify for the pages in Dwell!

victoria said...

Yo K, I was looking at these photos on Google Reader and thought they look so cool. But they're even cooler on your actual blog because they're bigger! How interesting living in the middle of someone else's stuff. The little arrangments everywhere are wonderful. I love love love the kitchen shots. Personally I also love sleeping on a matress on the floor - it's very cosy!! Hope your week is going well.
p.s thanks for telling me about the guinea pig lady. you are right - I really enjoy that sort of thing!

victoria said...

Oh and that work space with all those tables - jelous....

Rachel said...

absolutely gorgeous! So bohemian... missing you!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Love these pictures, and the blue floor in the kitchen! It looks so much like the friends place I stayed in in Berlin. With things everywhere, always something amazing and interesting to see and beds on the floor, or matresses on crates etc. Ah how I miss it, we definitely didn't get enough time to explore! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Miss you at Kraftbomb x