Thursday, 29 March 2007

the illustrationator takes over craftland

Well I have been focusing on illustration as I have a deadline coming up so I still have had no time for my second love. :( (crafts I miss you and I promise to spend time with you soon!) My illustration project is coming along and will be finished by next week so maybe I will post the results. depending, you know. This project involves the sketch of the little girl I posted last week in a sequence of 8 small storyboard type illustrations. Right now I am working in water colour and using a pretty realistic style so it it challenging. Yesterday I had a MAJOR set back which is complicated and upsetting to explain. It involves the limitations of the brief (assignment) and a misunderstanding between me and my tutor. I feel now that my project is very compromised and I can't complete it the way I was intending which means it won't be as good. Its like dying a little death inside and I actually wept while I made the necessary changes. It sounds dramatic but it was painful thing for me.

I am very blessed to have Luke. He works in the art/design world as well and has experienced the similar sense of frustration as loss when projects he is working on get compromised/changed. So he understands me and doesn't think I am just 'too hard on my work'
and taking myself too seriously. He had flowers waiting for me when I got home from the studio and then he took me out for dinner. what a chap!

Also we have reorganised out tiny studio apartment and added in another desk for me. YEAH! I'll share :)

Are you all are having a good week? Sorry I have been neglectful blogger. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I will have more time to read and comment in blog world. Cheers for all your comments about my illustration work. I got a major case of the warm fuzzies after reading all your encouraging words.


Kates said...

It's really hard when you're passionate about your work, the act of letting go can be really hard. Yay for supportive partners! Look forward to meeting and talking about craft sometime soon

Fiona said...

Your studio is one for envy! Love the low brown table there. :-)
Sounds like stress was hovering around you. Take care k?

goldenmeadows said...

Love the drawing of the owl, gifted.

melissa said...

asll the best for completing your project. i totally understand what you're talking about- so glad you have a lovely and understanding partner. x

Anonymous said...

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