Wednesday, 16 May 2007

apologies, parties, and art

To start off with: an apology
Dear blog, I am sorry that I haven't had much time for you lately. I have been so busy and Lies has been really busy too. I know you understand that we spend time with you when we can, and forgive us for times that we can't. But I have good news for you.... I am not so busy right now!. I am done with the shop order and my illustration work is manageable, so I anticipate good times ahead!

And to those of you who are interested in the personal stuff... Lies has been contracting for a lawyer (she used to be one in Belgium, shock!) and has been very busy translating documents into French. In fact, she hasn't even had time to post pictures from her fabulous HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY... and my camera battery was flat so I can't share pictures.

This is basically what went down...
*Amazing beautiful buffet of organic,vegetarian foods (i can still taste the homemade pesto) and good wine
*creative decorations designed by Lies.... hanging flowers and yarn
* Good conversation and chances to chat with interesting friends of Lies' that I had never met before
* baby city... tons of wee ones crawling around
* Live music played by friends
* a quirky and hilarious 'performance/song' done with a 80's casiotone keyboard... by an artist friend ... lyrics about Lies and Gabe, and Lieveke
* and my favourite part: Lies looking really happy all night:)

An outdoor piece of graffiti sculpture at Funky Razors

Also on Saturday, Luke and I went to an art opening at Te Tuhi... which is a gallery south of central Auckland. Since it is a bit difficult to get there, the gallery charters a bus that transports people from the central city to the gallery, all for free thankyouverymuch:0 and the bus ride is vibrant! There is a DJ mixing with old cassette tapes (80s styles) and people singing and dancing in the aisles. whoot!
Someone getting a traditional Samoan Tattoo live in the gallery

The show its self is called Funky Razors and "it draws on the idea of funk to survey cultural production outside of the art gallery—be it design in its many guises; music in its many forms; fashion, publishing, craft or the polarising mark that is graffiti." (quote from their website)

And note that along with what you see in these pictures, there was video work, a selection of crafts from Craftwerk stall holders including Lies' bibs (I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS!!!!) and some poetry readings done by 'at risk' teens from the alternative education program. They were 'using art to as a form of self expression and as a tool for healing' and I thought it was a great example of community involvement on Te Tuhi's part.

a musical performance piece. I loved it for the colour:)

Over all, I appreciated the recognition these forms of 'outsider art' received at Te Tuhi. The show was colourful, energetic and fun... and it felt inclusive. Our friend Stephen is the new curator there so I know we will be going along to many future openings... and now I know I will be looking forward to it! (sometimes I dread art openings but shhhhh don't tell ... many of my friends are artist and curators so keep it secret)

okay speaking of, I am actually off to another opening.... Window... and my husband is one of the curators, so yeah, I go to all of them :)


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Helen said...

No need to apologise - just great to hear from you whenever you can manage it!