Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Japanese spirit

What have I been up to lately? Aha! After 2 years and a bit I am back to WORK! Ooohlahah indeed! And it is a nice work too : I work as a gallery assistant for Flemish people (my exotic kind) here in Auckland. They have quite a lovely collection of mostly litho-prints (from their own press) and a wonderful project where children can choose an artwork for a very soft price! Wunderbar! Oh golly it has been so busy though cause not only am i having to stretch da work muscles, I'm also having to organise day care for the little daughter. Oooooof that is a toughy and I really underestimated it. And wow bloody expensive! Auch auch. Luckily Kimberlee (who else darlings) helps me out on mondays and thursdays. I think Lieveke really loves Kimberlee and it gives me such a good vibe to know that she is well when I`m off!
But what else have i been doing? Have watched some late night all time favorite Japanese DVD`s like Hanabi (hey we drive the same car as in the movie -spooky), The Sea is watching (gorgeous gorgeous costumes and real magical soap star stuff) and Ran (even more stunning decor and clothes, deep passionate drama, this picture is holy). So the Japanese spirit is in me now and inspires me to make things, look :
I made a couple of crayon drawings, loosely based on the breathtaking kimono-designs

I knitted this cross-over-your-heart jerkin-kimono for Lieveke, with mother of pearl buttons. I found this awesome black merino/angora yarn on sale, and Lievie needed something warm for it`s getting chilly now.

I discovered these little coral hangers, one for Kimberlee, one for me, sort of in the Anemone-sphere no? And I just love the deep bright red. And the whimsical beautiful shapes.

And I found this cute apron in an oppy - pretty fabric I thought

This saturday I`m getting together with Kimberlee (yup yup) and Emily (knitting master-supreme) for a little crafting-baking-chatting-girl-thing. Yippeeee. x

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kates said...

lovely, I love the knitted wrap - oh so cute with lovely buttons - great about the job too.