Saturday, 19 May 2007

I can see that you are a focused person

some cards and an envelope I made last night.

Yesterday I was puzzled by this interaction:

scene: I was briskly walking downtown with my sunglasses on and my ipod playing when suddenly a women steps in front of me so she is facing me and blocking my path. I was very startled and had to stop abruptly to avoiding smacking into her, then I notice she is saying something to me. I take out my earphones and say...

me: what?

woman: nice sunglasses. Can I have them?

me: staring blankly in disbelief

woman: just kidding. they're cool though. Are you Swedish?

me: No, I'm American (thinking: WHAT THE HECK!!!! I notice she is wearing some very baggy clothes, long skirt, colourful scarfs, dreads, and what's that she is holding?....)

woman: oh, an American with a Kiwi accent

me: kind of, sometimes .... (flustered looking for around for a get away)

woman: I can see you are a very important woman and you are probably very busy but I travel around selling books on meditation (holds up ugly book).

me: oh

woman: what do you do for a living?

me: ahhhh...( trying to think of a short answer to a complicated question) I am an illustrator

woman: oh that's very cool, you get to be creative and make money. Is that your work there, can I see something??

me: (thinking: crap I am holding a sketch book), ahhh
I start to open it up

woman: before I have even shown her anything , oh that's so so beautiful! You seem like a very focused person, I can tell you must do some meditation.

me: well I pray

woman : oh then this would be really great for you (holds up ugly book again)

me: Ah I have a lot of books already and I don't need a book on meditation

woman: oh okay ... would you like to make a donation towards world peace (smiles brightly)

me: no thanks (then I dash away)

Now I just hate that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, if someone randomly approaches me to chat, bring it. I like meeting people and having new interactions. And even if you want to try to sell me something, that is fine. I'll probably say no. But it's not okay to corner me, beat around the bush with random chit chat then attempt to casually slip in the sleazy hard sell.

And really, ....pushing books on meditation? is nothing sacred anymore? and donations towards 'world peace'? yeah right, what organization are you with again???

I expect more from hippies.

And if you want to hear more stories like this... I have half a dozen.

oh yeah, I've been making book marks