Thursday, 24 May 2007

the way i see things

Today I am sharing with you some pages from my sketch book. Our latest brief has been a real treat. We are supposed to keep a visual diary and record the area we live in... I have been trying to see and record things that people tend not to notice, specifically things on the ground. I have taken rubbings, photocopies, reliefs etc of rubbish, dead leaves, manhole covers, fire hydrants , footprints, etc look closely and you just might spot something you've left behind.

I've also done some Naive style drawings on top of some photocopies Its been fun to approach this project openly and playfully and have a chance to experiment more with different media. Can you tell that I have been having fun?

Unsuspecting people at the Library.... I keep a low profile and then my 'victims' are none the wiser. They've been DRAWN!

highlighter pen, you are my friend! I like drawing with materials that are not 'high art' because it seems to be more interesting to use something that has a different intention... in this case office supplies :)
This tree had been manicured over the years and many of it's lower branches had been cut down so that it fit into the public space. The result are all scares over the base of the trunk that look very much like eyes. Do you sense something watching you?

nature in a not so natural spot

That's all for today.

One more thing, I have been working on a book cover and it looks as though my submission has been chosen. This is a rather big deal for me to have a published book cover so I am quite happy. The illustration itself is pretty straight forward because that's what they wanted, so its not anything that special, but a book cover! oh me oh my!



VictoriaE said...

A BOOK COVER that is so cool! Congratulations.
It certainly does look like you had fun with that sketchbook, I love it.

melissa said...

congratulations on the book cover! that is so cool. you'll show us when it's done, right?
and i'm really impressed with your sketches, i like the way you've combined urban-decay type images with nature and birds. it's a bit unsettling, but familiar, too.

Fiona said...

Yay!! Do show us the cover k, when it's out. :-)

Office supplies are the way to go & kim, really really cool drawings there.

rhiannon said...

your drawings are absolutely gorgeous. I've always liked the look of shoe prints, and there's nothing better than highlighters.
Congrats on the cover too, I can't wait to see it.
You're so clever. x

kates said...

very well done. I love the eyes coming from the tree. I love the melding of city and nature.

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl - these drawings are INCREDIBLE! I totally love them.

It's like you are 'gleaning' art from the urban environment. (Have you seen that Agnes Varda movie - 'The Gleaners and I'? You would love it, I think. I do.)

Please show more of these if you have more, and congratulations on the book cover - so exciting!

xx Helen